A/N: hey guys! just a short story that i'd thought of... sometime. shrugs reviews are always nice!

He loves her.

She loves him.

They've known each other for ages- since both of them were in diapers. They've been in love ever since.

He's tall- about 6'0"- with shaggy black hair down to his chin. His eyes- oh, his eyes- the color of stormy clouds that never seem to go away; but, when needed, the can clear up to the bluest of skies, with flecks of white passing by. "Tall and lean," she had said, "always go together." Though he wasn't incapable of strength- just the opposite. He has just the right amount of muscle to keep her happy. And although he was all these things, his compassion for her, his protectiveness, his selflessness drover her over the edge.

And while he's wearing "goth" clothes, she's decked out in the latest fashions. Her waterfall of sunkissed locks are always inviting him to run his fingers through; such a simple gesture brings her peace when things get tough. Lips the shade of red red rose, and perfect complexion, there is never any need for make-up. Just a little mascara brightens those sensuous blue-green eyes- the right mix of dark and light.

They were born together; they live together.

They'll die together.

"Bring a knife," he said on the phone that night, "and meet me at the abandoned warehouse; where we always used to sneak into, remember?"

In the darkened warehouse the boy and girl closed the space between them- one step at a time. Eyes both fearful and determined, tehy press their lips to each other.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

As the tears fell, she choked out, "I love you."

He loves her.

She loves him.

And the blood shed on that heartbreaking night never had to be. All the world had to do was accept a love that was meant to be.