The Shade of this Lipstick is Harlot
By S&M

Smear that red lipstick
and cocaine
all over his face again.
It's so classy
when you bite his skin
and show the room your thong
because you can't do wrong
when you're this wasted.
And, damn, you look so hot
when you're making out
with that sexpot.
Lick her lips
one more time,
just for luck.
Go ahead and suck
her chin and giggle
while both your asses jiggle
when you're dancing
on the bar
and making all the boys hard.
Keep going till three am.
Pass out in the cab
and forget about
the night you've had.
But remember to puke
in my sink
and in my drink.
God, you're so cute
when you're pissed drunk
and on my floor.
You're such a whore.