I'd like to ask you a really important question, and I want you to answer it.

Do you really care?

I shouldn't need to ask you this, but I thought I would to reassure myself…

Do you care? I mean, you say you love me.

Do you really?

If I were to fall to the floor,

Would you take my hand and lift me up?

Dust me off and tell me everything is okay?

Or turn behind me and call me a paranoiac?

It's a really important question.

If I was to confide in you, would you treat my trust with sanctity, or expose it to the arctic winds?

Do you care as much as you say you do, or

Are you like the rest of them, ready to lie and cheat at the





Or whatever strikes your fancy?

It's a really important question, you see.

And one that may influence the rest of the time I have with you.

How preciously I treat it depends on how preciously you treat me…

Not that I'm precious, or anything…

or so I say.

But, that doesn't matter. What do you say?

It's a really important question, you see.

If I were to help you, would you thank me, and make the same pledge

Or just walk away, like so many before you?

Have and hold, or let death do it's blessed work?

Protect and serve, or leave me to fend for myself, being the 'barbarian' that I am,

Whilst you

pillage and plunder from my stores, and then leave me spent to find some other victim…

Show me how to stand or mercilessly cut my feet?

Listen and try to understand, or simply close your doors…

Put simply, would you care or would you turn to the darkness of hate?

I need to know, and I hope you understand this:

It's a really important question, you see?

Do you really care as much as you say you do?