Hymn of Steel and Might

Epilogue: The Harvester

Four souls floating in the Sea of Dirac were all that remained of the world. The Abomination had obliterated the world, and had toyed with them in the process. The machine was not sentient in the traditional sense. It was capable of creating illusions, entire false personas, and even making deals with individuals in targeted worlds.

It had made one such deal with the psychologist known as Beppo. In exchange for being allowed to survive, he would have to survive as the mechanism did: On the breakdown of sapient beings. Beppo had trapped the three immune to the Withering inside of their own personal nightmares, which would be replayed for eternity. In time, Beppo would add his mind to the collective experiences of the Abomination. It was the incarnation of Entropy, and the destroyer of worlds. Soon, there would be another world to destroy. There always would be. As long as universes were created, others would be destroyed.

It would always have foes, such as the Gazer. They were unworthy of attention. The Abomination could, and would, destroy countless worlds. Then, all that would remain would be eternal stillness. And it would be forever quiet.