Pop Quiz

"He'll save us,"

You cry,

"He'll save us from you."

I don't think you understand,

That I created Him.

You say it's impossible,

You say I'm a liar.

But don't you see,

That one has to come first?

I suppose it is common knowledge,

Among the mortals

That life precedes death,

But can't you see?

Can't you see?

I was here,

And I realized,

My life would be a bore,

Not being able to take,

Because there was nothing to take.

I could only give,

And as much as it pained me,

I had to,

I had to create you.

To my credit,

I made Einstein,



I made them what they were.

You might try to deny it,

But eventually,

You'll have to come to the conclusion that I'm telling the truth.

After all,

What would I gain from lying?

I invented your 'God',

I made Him your savior,

All of those things He did,

I made Him do it.

I helped Him.

Do you think that any immortal creature,

Would ever care about you?

You last for an hour.

You're a plaything,

A toy.

I soon learned that I could not let Him on a looser leash,

I could not let Him run free,

Because he would abuse the privileges He had been given.

And that was when I realized,

That I had created a monster.



You know whose fault that was?

I bet you can guess,

After all that I've told you.



You're right.

It was Him.

Your savior killed you.

Your ruler slaughtered your children.

And He laughed while he did it,

As though He was a little boy,

Playing war.

A little boy,

Playing guns.

A little boy,

Playing death.

Perhaps that isn't the best way to phrase it.

He was playing with death.

He was playing with me,

So I had to control him,

I had to become strong,

I had to banish him,

Banish him to your world.

That's where the trouble began.


It had been a little bite,

On the ankle,

A scratch,

On the knee,

He had been a little nuisance,

I had to train,

I had to compete with.

Once He was in your world,

I had to start fighting back.

Books were written,

Reports were published,

And it became known to the world,

That there was something happening to their home.

They liked to call it global warming.


All there was,

All that was received from your people,

Was Panic.

Guess who created that?

Correct again.

It looks like you've studied well.

Now it's time to use your knowledge in the real world.