World's wonder

fresh and open as everything is free yet

you know boundaries exist. Good and bad

are separate as

day and night

but all you know is good. Bad only

appears in stories never touching you

intimately. As the earring glinting

presses against your fingers

clenched around the gold of the sun and the diamond of the moon.

But it falls from your hand

into a twilight world of

dawn and dusk

where edges blur

as good and bad fade into shadows of

both. There are no boundaries and life is lived

in sun-dappled shade

where stories are real and


is no more. Where is wonder

found anew yet lost to years past and

the light of day fades to the dark of night as

the sun and moon rise

together. There good and bad are

separate but the same

and knowledge grows to wisdom

as the earring sparks on its last fall