I place a CD in the player, choose a song. The music starts whirring.

She sees smoke billowing in the distance, knows the bandits have struck a village. A flute and drums whisper from my CD player. I fasten on a necklace, the one with the heart pendant.

She listens to the courier's frantic message. Commands her people to ready for battle. I dance to the voice singing softly over the drumbeats and guitar chords.

She draws her sword and dances for her Goddess of Justice. The blade blurs in the dance.

The sun has set and my room is filled with shadows. I leave my shades open to capture the light of the rising moon. She sheathes her blade and steps out into the evening air.

"Take me with you on this journey…" the voice sings into my world of dance. A young girl approaches her, a priestess initiate, her sister.

Incense burns on my dresser, adding the scent of smoke to the rainy outside air that flows through my window.

The High Priestess looks at the young girl, then at the smoke on the horizon. The sea waves crash in the distance. She considers the girl's question, her desire to join the battle.

I spin to the music, letting it flow through me and bring me to another world. "Take me dancing, take me singing, I'll ride on till the moon meets the sea…"

She sighs, nods, and directs the girl where to go. She swings herself into her saddle and a leather band around her neck shimmers in the moonlight. It has the imprint of a heart.