Distant Shores

Those shores feel so distant,

The distance a melancholic representation of an opened chasm between us.

Too large, it seems, for any bridges to be rebuilt.

I remember, once upon a time, how those shores were safe, once,

And traversed daily without fear.

No longer.

They were reminiscent of a land far away, and safe from those bitter elements.

Time, pride, fear, and silence.

Insecurity, vanity, and surreptitious questionings

But, those elements came close, finally, and inevitably did their damage,

Removing the once-eternal security, and

Leaving you to move onwards as those shores became murky and spoilt

Eroded and abraded, robbing them of their serenity.

'Tis only now, tinged with regret,

That I see how much I miss those shores.

The safe harbour where I could sail without worry.

Moor in peace and rest in tranquillity.

'Tis now that I wish sorely for that harbour, and the safety it provided.

But, alas, in it's place, there is naught but those distant shores;

No longer intimate or free, but murky and dark.

So far away from that which they used to be