Safe Harbour

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a thriving port, filled with sea-going vessels of all shapes, sizes, and natures, coming in from all corners of the world and bringing their numerous goods to market, before setting sail to distant shores yet again. But there was one ship in particular that was the pride of this port. It was a massive ship, and visited it's home port frequently, coming in for repairs and refilling with oil, and setting off once again for distant shores, to return safely back to port without incident. One day, however, the ship missed it's scheduled return, but the harbourmaster paid little attention to it, as it came back soon afterwards. Soon, however, the distance between the visits increased and the visits themselves became shorter, yet still the harbourmaster was unaware, figuring it to be a change in the vessel's route that had caused the changes. His logic paid off, and soon enough, the vessel returned, different in many ways but yet still retaining it's alluring charms. Alas, its position and grandeur had been replaced, by other vessels of a different nature. Not necessarily larger ones, but ones requiring more care, and in reciprocation, the vessel itself no longer needed as much repair. Slowly, the calls to port stopped, and quietly they ceased, leaving the harbourmaster (with too much on his time) no cause for concern for that particular ship. When at last he realised that it was missing, he sent out search planes and rescue craft to pull it back for the many needed repairs and refuelling. Alas, they searched in vain for many days and nights, and the harbourmaster, not knowing what to do, resigned himself to the fact that it must have found a different port.

Nevertheless, that ship doesn't sail to this port any more.