I always liked his values.


To tell the truth,

I wish they were mine,

Because of how beautiful they were.

He wasn't like me.

He somehow believed that the worst people,

Have something good in them.

He wanted to change them.

He wanted to help them.

When I got that call,

I tried to hide.

I heard them leave a message.

I heard every word.

I kept on hiding.

From my family,

From my friends,

And from him.

I tried to run from him.

I don' t know why I did it.

I don't know what compelled me to do such a thing.

But I threw him away.

I threw everything that he had loved away.

The little stuffed animal that he had always liked to be on top of the bookshelf,

The towel I had made for him when I was young,

The sweater in the closet,

The watch he had ruined.

I tried to throw him away.

I tried,

And tried,

But then I realized,

He was part of me.

It sounded cheesy,

It sounded fake,

But when I thought about it,

It was true.

They say that when you meet someone,

You give them a little piece of you,

And they keep it forever.

I lived with him,

So I got half of him.

I got half of him.

That was when it struck me.

I couldn't throw him away.

Throwing him away,

That would be denial,

That would be weakness,

That would be something I could never forgive myself for doing,



I took it back.

The stuffed animal,

That he had always liked most on top of my bookshelf.

The towel I had given him when I was seven.

The sweater that he had loved the most.

The watch that was forty-two minutes fast,

And without a back.

I ran to the truck,

And I grabbed it all.

I took it from them.

The men gave me an odd look,

As though I was a lunatic,

And who knows,

Maybe I was.