Insanity 11-27-06

Even if I'm not as bright as all those other lyrical writers,
the words that flow on my paper still tend to glow
And I'm sad to say, that I'll never make
It in the big world, just try and conquer the real world

With those big shots on the rise, nothing but power in their eyes
And guns killing soldiers, just numbers placed in mere folders
Mad leaders order men, to take down another ten
But who is to say, what does this insanity portray

You and I we're just sitting here, ignoring all the things we hold dear
Toiling over our long days, lettings opportunities go to waste
Jotted down memories, or maybe captured through chemistry
Littered in our scrapbooks, though no one bothers to even look

And the question presents itself, high up on the very top shelf
In this library of philosophy, smothered in dust from our apathy
Why is it that we live, to hurt or to give
Will there be an end to our insanity