The blood drips from your shirt.
What have you done? Killed a mortal.
Is that not a sin of the highest order?
Fall to your knees, growing faint,
The knife of sins falls, CLANG!

Is such a crime forgivable?
You look into a mirror,
Look at that MONSTER!
You feel yourself cringe,
From the pure contempt for it.
Why won't it just go away?

They'll come after you,
Who truly escapes this?
Your victim tortured you silently,
Always quietly watching, mocking.
It was your turn to strike.

Did it have to be so messy?
Your victim, still silent,
Not a peep was uttered.
All you could hear was you,
SCREAMING, as not a noise was made.
Why couldn't the victim suffer?

God won't forgive this, no.
You don't have time to atone,
You martyred yourself to slay it,
The monster, who was only mortal,
Just as you, destined for hell.

How poetic is this justice?
The irony seeps through,
You'll have a new monster to contend.
The devil himself may prove more
Devious than your own chiral image.