Hi! Thank you for clicking on my story.

For several years my stories and writing have been visited and loved by thousands. I love sharing my characters and stories with others. And I love you for loving them.

Recently, I have been targeted by a hacker who hacked all of my accounts and is currently stalking me.

For my safety, I have taken down my stories from fictionpress and fanfiction . net . This is to prevent their use against me and my anonymity, and to prevent plagiarism. I am very very sorry for this inconvenience. Believe me, I wish I didn't have to do this. My stories will be uploaded under a different pen name, and for reasons stated above, I cannot publicly tell you which one.

I am leaving the information/first chapter up to protect the evidence that my stories have been published already, in case someone decides to upload them as their own.

I hope you understand the predicament I'm in.