Joeseph Cambell Cambell Soup party!

written for no real reason, being submitted in a dumb english contest. good stuff?... i think yes. reveiw b/c you love me?

A Hero's Steps

Heed the call of adventure, young one; listen to your bones.

The world is grand and wide, hero, and you are far from home.

Close your eyes and smile, changer, as you step into Unknown,

And dream a dream that is not a dream, when courage is on loan.

Then take apart your wounded heart and sit and rest a while,

With sword in hand and skilled in art, of hiding 'neath a smile.

Fight the fight against the might of mile after mile,

And at the end, disappear my friend, into the numbered file.

For when the battle's over, boy, the bard will make your song.

Day by day they'll tell the tale, and though the night is long

They'll drink a cup of light and gold,

And merrily sing your song.