It's that one moment.

The moment that can define who you are.

What you stand by.

What is right.

The problem is

The right thing may not always be the easiest.

The right thing and hard thing are usually

The same thing.

It's at moments like these

That will make you stop

And think

What have you been doing with your life.

Where did you go wrong.

You desperately try to find the point in which

You strayed down that different road.

The crossroad.

Which road will you take?

Who will you walk it with?

Where will it take you?

What will you make of your time?

It's at moments like these

You want someone to tell you.

You want to test the waters.

Jumping in is not for you.

But maybe this time

It wouldn't hurt.

Maybe this time

You can finally let go

And let someone in.

It's at moments like these

That don't make sense.

You cannot find the truth of what you've been searching for.

But you cannot search for something

That does not exist.

Once you find the meaning

Does not mean you will understand it.

It's at moments like these

That I think about you.