written in February of 2005, when i was having a lot of trouble with sleeping and, being the hyper kid i am, i would dance on my bed until i became exhausted enough to sleep

once, i hit my head on the ceiling and was knocked unconscious and went from an unconscious state to the subconcious. that's pretty much what this is about, in case you were confused

Insomniacs' Dream

Staring at the ceiling

Watching the cracks turn into

Glow-in-the-dark stars

Bored in a way

Only darkness between the sheets

Can comprehend

Wondering why

My life now revolves


A little



I watch the teeny red digits on my clock Flick ever onward

And when they start to get blurry

I wait for the twitching to commence

A single shiver passes through my body

As I pile pillows against the headboard

So as not to hurt myself when it truly begins

My eyes close

And my face pales so that even the moon

Could hardly compare

Purple crescents swing out

From nose to temples

The dark sides of my moon

I close my eyes

And bury a blanket in my throat

As my mind looses control of my body

I sit and watch

As my legs jerk

Kicking at an enemy

Neither my eyes nor thoughts can see

My back slams against the mattress

Time and time again

Until time itself disappears

Muffled screams can be heard through the blanket

As my body loses itself in



The twitching subsides

And eventually my limbs

Begin to follow my brain's orders

And so begins the 3rd state

Of my


(Why does it always follow

this pattern?)

Energy pulses through my body

And suddenly I jump up on my bed

Strip off the covers

And dance wildly to music only I can hear

Finally I jump too high

My head hits the ceiling

(For once I was among the stars)

And I collapse onto my pillows

Knocked unconscious


I take what I can get …