Eternal Sleep

It's one of those days when it's easier to just break.
The whole world around you is plastic and fake.
Where it hurts to be yourself because you know it ain't enough.
When you pretend that you're strong, happy, and tough.
Everyone around, won't accept the real you.
They won't approve of it, anything that you do.
Can't you let me live my life, the way I want to live it?
Can't you stop breaking me down, can't you just admit it?
There is no such thing as perfect; you should be smart enough to know.
Our flaws stand out more and more, everyday we grow.
It hurts to be relied it on, the pressure is too much.
My fingers get numb and cold in every single touch.
When you think you've had enough, when you can't get any stronger,
Is anyone there for you? Can you find a shoulder?
Lock yourself deep; sit on the ground so tight,
Get ready for an eternal sleep, and wish yourself goodnight.