Always Friends

I didn't know how to tell you,

I finally did now look,

My tears fall harder than the rain,

That goes into the babbling brook.

I see the way you look at her,

I wish it could be me.

Always friends you told me tonight,

For her all eternity you'll wait and dream.

She no longer feels about you,

The way that I do now,

Yet she keeps you hanging on the line,

Making it harder over time.

You didn't have to hold me,

The way you did that night,

Now look at the mess I'm in,

I'm afraid I'll never set it right.

You told me it was really sweet,

I guess not sweet enough,

To make you understand,

The heartbreak I feel now is really tough.

I really thought I had a chance,

Though I'll never get one is my guess,

I keep thinking of the way you looked in that white shirt,

And me in that red dress.

A perfect match my friends had said,

He wants to be more yours said as well,

For her you'll sit and wait awhile,

For me not even that.

My heart keeps breaking more and more,

Yours hasn't even healed,

Always friends until that day,

She'll let you go and let you see,

I at least tried to be more than

Always friends.