and example of some of my newer poetry, which has gotten a bit more trippy as i've gotten older. this was formatted all cool, but this won't let me keep it... sigh

The Only Way

And he asks me

How I know

While standing on

The edge of the roof

Kicking the goldenrod leaves

Into the gutter

I smile

And respond

The only true way

With a shrug

And a grin

That turns brown eyes yellow

And my blind eyes see

What my lips couldn't hear

And I'm gulped down

By the sun

And the moon will never love

Obsidian craters break my skin

And never will I ever

Stop what I begin

And verdant green

Is fashioned there

In the hair of the nymphs that sin

And tree bark dances

Turtle slow

With the diving

And the rising

Of the wind.

But purple freckles

Light the way

For frothy reddened teeth

And the boy on the floor

Shrugs his wings

And ignores

The seasons

That are