Trying to rise

I can't seem to be the man that you want me to be,

I try and I fail to be the very person that you want me to be

I guard myself,

Throw false emotions in the air too seem to be the very soul I want myself to be.

These thoughts of my immaturities

I don't know who I am anymore lost in my own tangle of lies I've tried to find my self many-a-times.

But so lost in fragment of memories and fragments of lies I know now that I wont be able to find my-self in the bitter mote of a soul I got left.

I try to leave it all behind to forge myself my own path to make my own soul to piece together these experiences to be the man I need to be.

To not just to live up to your standards but to all those around me even to live up to my own.

To forge a man strong enough for a fight against this cynical world.

To guide my children on there own path for inner truth and light so that they may carry the torch of humanity right, to leave there own impact on this world.

So that they may convey there hopes and dreams for another generation of man.

So when you look at me try not to see a poor down trodden human being, but a man trying to piece together his soul to make a bigger impact on this world than just him.

Try not to see a man who has failed yours and all the other standards

Try to see a man that is trying to pick himself up to live again those standards.

Try not to see a man who lost himself in his own lies

Try to see a man who trying to piece himself together again after losing himself once more.

When you look at this man, this bitter mote of a soul, who fell to this cynical hard world try to see a man fighting for his life in a better place.

So when you look at me most importantly try to see the man who's trying to be

A man.