Sitting in a field of paranoia,
the voices telling me contradictions.
No longer can I make sense of this,
you've become my worst addiction.

Thoughts haunted with blood,
my soul wandering where I cannot see.
Never to understand what this is,
Already lost the last part of me.

With no control over anything,
a paradox of my demise. T
o feel helpless is my bane,
so long as I listen to my own lies.

Paranoia setting in once more,
the pain becoming my sanctuary.
Seeing the light has become forlorn,
where seeing the other side has become secondary.

The contradiction of my life,
this is what I've been deprived of.
To think it would all be perfect was in vain,
Foolish to think good can come of Love.

I cannot control what I feel,
I do not believe anything I think.
I can't see anything to hold onto,
I'm in love, hoplessly in love, deeper, deeper I begin to s