HellFire- Book 1

Chapter 1-

Atreu ran down the hall, hair streaming as the walls behind him blew into shrapnel. The Daemon screamed as it chased after causing the walls to shake with its force. Atreu was thankfull that he had remembered the earplugs before he had left that morning. The hall way ended abruptly into a large ballroom, the stone brightly polished and glimering, paintings hanging and crystal chandelier hanging by the roof. Atreu didnt have time to appreciate it though as he dove over the balcony and rolled onto the smooth marble. The entry way blew into scraps as the demon entered the ballroom. The beast rushed through the thick dust, streamers following its wake. It slamed onto the marble crackes racing from its feet as it impacted. Atreu stood in a blur, his sword in his hand, as he stood into a ready posistion. The daemon grumbled, its chest raising as it stood from its crouch. Atreu got his first look at this deamon. About 12 feet of dark muscle and coarse fur. Taloned feet and large leather wings made it a Nostra, a middle class devil. He should be able to handle it. he hoped. It rose to its full height, the brabs on its tails lashing the stone, its long snout peeling back in a snarl showing its teeth. Atreu noticed that it drooled blood. It claws flexed and its wings ruffled. Atreu threw himself onto his back as the daemon rushed over head in a blur. His sword rose and scored a long hit along the beasts stomach as it flew by. It landed like a fly against the wall, and Atreu roled forward it crashed to where he was. The impact threw him forward again, and he hit his head against the stone wall. Atreu slumped down in a daze. The Daemon stlaked towards Atreu, an odd twist of its mouth Atrue took as a smile.

"When you get to Hell, let them know that Li'Atazu sent you." The beasts said in a baratone that shook the chest of Atreu. Li'Atazu rose it clawed hand, rearing back for the strike. Atreu heard a low murmur from behind the Daemon and smiled. "Let them know your self." The Daemons eyes widened and he lunged at Atreu. before he could make it, a bright light surouned Li'Atazu and he froze in midair, all his fury still plasted on his face. Atreu stood and faced it.

" Never tell anyone your name. Youll never see Earth again." He steped back, and knelt. " Deat heavenly father, who art in heaven, halowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, grant this mortal, your servant on your creation, the power to banish this Daemon who would undo your work. Banish Li"Atazu to his hom, whereever you see fit. In nomine et filis spiritus sancti." Atreu rose and drew a cross on the forhead of the Deamon. "And may you never return." The cross grew, envolping the beasts. The smell of burnt hair filled the room. The ord or white shrunk, and the Damon wasnt there, just a small pile of ashes remained.

"Well, that wasnt so bad, now was it." Garland said. Atreu looked at him and smiled. Blood caked his head, and ran down his face. "Not really, last time you looked as bad as me too." Garland knelt and scooped the ashes into a small vial. "this should save us some money at least. That last spell was the rest of my Ashes." Garland stood. "Need a heal?" he asked. Atreu patted his head gingerly. He looked at the darek blood smaered on his hands. "Na, i've had worse before. Come on, we need to find the summoner before he unleashes something else." They ran up the stairs to the hallway Atreu had run through. The roof had droped in, and dust still lingered in the air.

"Doesn't seem like were getting through here." Atreu said. They turned around to find a room that would take the to the attic, where the summoner was. " Nice room." Garland commented. Atreu scowled and ran on. Garland baggy clothing jingled with all his ingredients. Even in today's time he looked like an old wizard, just...modernized. His hair was long, already streaked with grey although he was only 32. He had seen a lot on his quest to magic's power. He was also a little wrinkled, but his eyes radiated power, the green in them seemed to leak out. He wore a long trench coat that had pockets every where, and baggy pants and loose shirt. A small staff was in his hand, and he held the Deamon ashe as well. As he ran, Atreu noticed the small amulets he wore in his midnight black hair. They were silver and round geometric shapes. Atreu had asked, but Garland would never say what they were. A "magicians secret" The effect was like stars in a moonlit night.

The ran up some more stairs, and found another hall way. They raced through, not knowing when the summoner might set another Daemon upon them. The wall were decked in satanic pictures, hidden in christian ones. Surely to mock. They ran through many halls that twisted, through some more lavishly decorated rooms. As they went through one room, Garland stoped. " Do you smell that?" He asked. Atreu sniffed around. "Sulfur." he said. They looked around for a latch in the room. There was a couch, upon furthur inspection, it showed small demons curled into balls on the covering. Even worse than a summoner, a zealot. "Hold on, ill cast an inversion spell." he pulled some salt from a pocket, and some sugar from another. he smahed them into a han, and said, " illumin nos invertum obvio spectrum" The room was cast into total blackness, the edges of the walls blue, the furniture warped colors that defied decription. They looked around, adn saw a thin blue light in a square shape in the center of the roof. "finite" Garland commanded. The world lurched into the noral spectrum, stinging the eyes of the two. After they had recovered, Garland said" cut the door" Atreu jumped and slashed the door to ribbons.

Small shaped droped down from the door. Atreu fell under their misleading weight, gbut roled away, sword flashing in the sun, cutting small leathery imps apart. More spilled out, 100 full murder of imps. " Cleanse the room!" atreu screamed, being riped by small sharp claws. Garland kikced one away and backed off, pulling some ingredients from his pocket throwing them into a vial. " In nomine patri, requiem nos sancti!" he threw the bottle into the horde of imps. It erupted into Holy white light that enveloped the small creatures and left a smell of a tanning vat behind them as the light left. Atreu crossed himself and stood up. His clothes were ribbons, and he bled from many cuts over his body. Small piles of imp ashe laid everywhere. "Collect this before it vanishes, the summoner must be weak after this, i can handle him." Garland nodded, pulling bottles from deep pockets. Atreu pulled the couch up, feeling like it was covered in dirt, fouling his hands. He jumped from it into the attic, ready to face a profaner of the lord.

The room was dark, a beam of sunlight streaming up behind Atreu, casting the room in a murkiy darkness. But Atreu could see enough though to sicken him. Chains hung on the wall, blood and gore still swinging on hooks. Blood pooled in dark puddles that made Atreu gag. The smell of iron hung heavy in the air. As did sulfur and evil. Atreu walked forward, sword shining its own holy light into the unaturaly dark room. An altar came into view, darker than the room, it ate what light came into the room. A woman lay on the altar, beautifull once and naked. Her ribs stood open, her chest cavity open as if a hundred imps had burst from her chest. Another body lay on the ground. Or, more precisly, a man's skin lay on the ground. The Daemon had stolen those bones to become real.

A wooden boad creaked, and Atreu flung himself toward it, sword lashing like a Daemons tail. A mans cry, pitiful like all evil in the light of the Lord. wrang out, and the Summoner fell, his hand holding a deathly dark dagger. The hand droped away from his arm, and he cries into his balck robes, draker for the blood covering them. Atreu raised his sword, point down over the once-man. "Wait! Wait! i have many riches! many, all for you, just spare me!" Atreu glanced down at this filth. He scouled down at him. "the good do not compromise with the evil. I will kill you, and take you blood money anyway, and turn it to a good and holy use. May the lord have mercy on you, if there is anything left of you to find mercy on." With that, the blade plunged down, piercing heart and lungs. White light crept through the body, and it burned into a while of black ashe like the altar. Atreu bent and scooped it into a glowing white bottle. "At least you wont find powe in hell now either." As Atreu turned, a whisper caught his attention " Nostra in poenta diablos!" A dark bolt of energy ripped through the drakness like a blast of lightning in the sky. Atreu flew against the wall as it blew him like a tornado lifts an egg. He crumpled down, darkness racing around him like snakes, binding him. "Where is your God now?" the Dark magician asked, his voice like a low hiss. He drew something from his pocket, and began a hissing prayer." I will be rewarded for this greatly." His hand whiped down, and a crimson blast of void shot out. Atreu jerked sidewase, the blast slaming into Atreu's cross. it lit up brigter than the sun and consumed the void. The Dark magician reared back, his eyes and skin burned from the holy light. The spell broke, and Atreu rushed forward, blade poised. He thrust, but the Magicain caught the blade in his hand, blood dripping down, buring through the wood on the floor. " I am not that easily defeated." He said. he drove the blade home into his chest and smiled. " Now your turn. " He siad, raising the summoners dark blade. " Illumine!" a beam of the purest white light shot into the dark magicain. He slumed sidewase, but it slumped up again. "not nowww." It raised it hands and threw a bottle down, darkness enveloped the room, and light returned. The man was gone. Light snuck into the room through the cracks in the ceiling. The altar was gone, though the hooks and bodies remained.

"Thanks for that." Atreu said standing. "No problem, we got alot of good material here." Garland said "To bad we couldnt save the girl." Atreu sighed, and shook his head. "We'd have to kill her anyway. for that kind of summon, she had to have been a willing victim. She was a Satanist." atreu sighed again. "The killing never stops."

"Worry not, the Lord forgives when its nessescary." Garland said. Atreu shook off his touch. "He may, but i dont." They left the room to search the house for valuables, to further their Holy Crusade against Evil.