Prologue(or chapter 1, im not if i should include this yet)

Atreu tossed, finlly waking up, staring into the blinding light of the afternoon sun. Garland ran around the small cramped apartment, grabbing things at seeming random, stuffing them into the pockets of his long black trench coat. The small symbols in his hair glinted in the sunlight, much brighter for the black backdrop that was his hair. Atreu rolled over, trying to hide from the hot sun light. "Get up Atreu! We have a target." Garland said, pulling the covers off of Atreu. He walked on, droping the covers onto the clothes and food litered floor. Atreu groaned, but rolled out of the bed, droping onto the floor. A large crunching noise accompanied his fall. He stunled up and walked to the bathroom.

He flicked on the lights, the bright white linolium floors magnifying the light, searing his eyes. After the adjusted, he looked into the foggy mirror. His blue eys seemed to peer from dark caves with his lack of sleep. Buisness had been booming lately. His blond hair, normally platinum was dark with grease and fell straight to his jaw. Stubble rose on his fair skin, light but seeable. He turned on the sink and splashed his face. He stumbled into the shower and cleaned up a bit. Garland threw in a towel and some clothes as he walked by, stuffing more things into his pockets as he went along.

Atreu grabed the towel, knowing where it would be like always. He dried off, dressed and began to shave using a striaght razor. Atreu always did love the older ways. As Garland walked by, Atreu shouted "Whos the target?"

Garland walked by, and as he came back he shouted back "a summoner, rich, very large mansion with a few minions. Two people besides him, guy and girl, not sure if their cpatives or not." Atreu noded, cuting himself byt accident. He cursed, and cut himself again for doing so. The lords name must not be taken in vain. He dressed and looked for his sword, Orocho-bono. He found it on the mantle, where he always put it. He took up his katana. Orocho-bono was a sword given to him on the day of his iniciation of his perfession. Demon slayer. This blade was forged in holy thought, with cleansed and purified material. It' blade was pure, and cut through demon hide like a warm knife through butter. He sliped it underneath the log coat he put on as he and Garland walked out the dooor, grabing a pair of earplugs as he did. Never know what you need on a mission. The door closed, and they were on the job.

(this will be longer, detailing the stuff that happens earlier on the wya there adn in the house, if i decide to put this in.)