Title : Lonely heart
Feedback : I wanted to write a bluessong , work it out on my guitar , and it turned out to be a great folksong.I dunno about the blues. Email me if you want to at : Orbans
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Lonely heart

verse 1
A cigarette burns up before dawn
Poor , poor Jacob can't sleep again
images are playing on the TV with silent screams
The only thing that he hears is the rain
on his leaking roof
Lord , when is this silence going to stop
You never knew when God left you alone,
with a dream that echoes in your mind

Days go on with a silent radio
Cars drive by , but they never stop
People are calling , but not to him
He wonders what his name has been again
It would be easy to have a brand new start
But sometimes things don't work out right for a lonely heart

minutes are aching for something new
A chance to get this lonely heart

repeat verse 1

Stephanie Orban / Stephanie Welles Ó march 8 , 2001