Even as I tell myself

she must like me

she must

I beat myself down

Even as you

search for me

roam the silent halls

find me with a cry of joy

I know

it's wishful thinking

Even as you

ramble all your random topics

and joy lights up your face

I'm thinking

why cant you just realize

I love you

Even as I think this

you cry out in ecstasy

your hair flies out

in a golden sweeping halo

as you spin on your toes

trying to explain your

delight to me

I cannot understand

how you could be so


when I am not

I do not understand

how I could

love you this much

and you not notice

And even as you

spill out the closing

of your blissful speech

Even as your

cheeks flush in your excitement

Even as you

envelop me in your joy

I am unhappy

but my gloom

just slightly lifted

by your brightly glowing face

and so in turn

and in thanks

for my slightly lifted mood

I envelop you

in my arms

your small body

pressed into my chest

your small arms

barely reaching

all the way around me

your head laid on my shoulder

And even as your

cheek brushes softly

against my neck

and my hand

curls into your hair

when we let go

there is no recognition

of the embrace meaning

more than just a friendly hug

and you thank me in

a soft sing songy voice

You are such a good hugger!

I love that!

Because to her

all it was

was a friendly hug

to celebrate her joy.

But she doesn't love me

she loves that I've

made her day

even more beautiful

then it was before

but I know

that her beautiful day

was only beautiful

because she was in it.

a/n: I will end up doing a sequel on this. Wait for more and review.