sitting in a chair by the door

waiting for her to come home

from her date

with Mr. I-can-lift-you-show-off

and when she does

quietly coming through the door

no smile on her face

and when the door closes behind her

she turns

puts her forehead to the door

says aloud

"I'm so stupid"

I look over my shoulder

through the window

and see the truck still parked


him in the front seat

smashing his head down

on the steering wheel

looking back to my sister

I see silent tears

flowing down her face

silent sobs make her back shake

and I stand

walk to her

turn her

ignoring her surprised face

I hug her

her head settling on my chest

shoulder too high to reach

but her tears soak my sweater

as I whisper

"It's alright, it's alright

just calm down

tell me what happened

do I need to beat him up?"

she lets out a strangled

sob racked laugh

as I push her to the chair

I had been sitting in

"Deep breaths,

it's okay

I'm here

What happened?

Are you hurt?"

shaking her head forcefully

her breath became hiccupy

and the tears stopped flowing,

although a few leaked

from the corners of her eyes

she must not have worn makeup

no streaming mascara

or blacked out eyelids

"no one loves me"

her voice was a whisper

dying off in the end

and the tears started anew

as she push forward

into the circle of my arms

it felt kind of awkward

holding my crying sister


"I love you"

and the laugh came


like before

but stronger

"you're my brother"

I looked over her head

currently pressed into my


saw his truck


saw him


staring into space

he looked like he was dead

I gave Amy one last squeeze

before standing

walking to the door


and stepping out

knowing her eyes

followed every move

I walked down the porch steps

across the drive way

throwing open the door

and climbing in

slamming it behind me

we sat straight

not looking at each other

"do you love my sister?"

a pause


I threw him a sharp glance

"Why is she so upset?"

He threw me

a confused glance

pondering, he said

"cause, she found out

I love her?"

now I was staring at him

"you guys make no sense...

love makes no sense"

I threw myself out of the car

to the house

and through the door.