A/N: I leave it up to you to picture what imperfect is with rough edges, and I also leave you to picture what his good looks look like. It's all up to you.

The Dream

Her name? It was unknown to many, but memorized by one. Sapphire, a beautiful name for a not so picture perfect girl. Her frame was damaged, her glass was cracked, and the picture itself wasn't very appealing. Ever heard someone say, 'rough around the edges', well, Sapphire was one girl who had countless rough edges. The cracks, scratches, and bruises that she's got hidden so far away from the world.

His name? It was forgotten easily, and no one could look him in the eye when saying it. Edward, it was an old name indeed. But, to one it was the most reassuring name in the world. He was known for his rebellious acts and his good looks. To himself he was no more than an average looking boy, with not so average problems. Problems that lingered in shadowed darkness. Problems that laid in silence, waiting to be dealt with, but couldn't be because of the hardships they would bring.

She lay on that couch asleep, in the darkness, that stage before the dream. She was waiting. Waiting for the utopia, the freedom, and him.

He was falling deeper and deeper into the darkness before the dream and then BAM! He was in the dream. But was most interesting she wasn't there not yet at least. He just sat and waited.

X… HIS P.O.V. …X…

"Edward?" She was there, and I could hear her. But where was she? I couldn't see her.

"Sapphire?" I was running now.

"Where are you?"

"Over here." She was closer now. I could tell. But there was something else I noticed. There was something missing from the utopia.

"What's wrong?" I could tell, right when I had found her. Her expression had questions all over it.

"Have you noticed? There's something missing, and I can't help not knowing."

"Yea, I noticed right before I found you. Have you seen my family?"

"No, and I haven't found mine… That must be it! Our families are gone, along with our friends, and it's just you and I."

"Is that right?" I leaned down and kissed her lightly, as if to make sure I couldn't hurt her. It was possible, and I hated the chance that I could become like my father. She smiled when I pulled away.

"It is. I'm glad that for once we have out privacy. We can now talk together as if there was no one around. Like now."

"Agreed. Talking is good." She started to laugh and nothing could stop me from smiling. But I couldn't help but wonder if she was real. If so where is she?