He falls asleep,
Holding his half-finished pirate costume,
Mum's old bolero jacket,
Wishing it was thick enough,
To absorb that much unhappiness.

He wakes up in the morning,
Burnt smell lingering,
Could have been his brains on fire,
Fish fingers it was instead.

He wakes up the next day,
Only wishing for night to come,
Wondering where he could find,
Non-drip ice-creams and,
Ships that lasted.

Whirled in an uncontrollable parallel universe,
For he cant stop her
From crying,
From loving,
From leaving.

He could get by,
Only if she would smile her warm smile,
Only if she would hug her selfless hug,
Only if she would play pirate raids,
Only if she would stay.

His life,
A colossal stage,
Embellished with Leo and Immie,
But the play isnt over.

Not yet.