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XLIII. Redemption

And I love you even through uncertainty

If one ever thought that being a black sheep in a heard of white sheep was hard, being a black wolf in a pack of white ones was infinitely harder. Though he was the pack leader's son, he had no friends. Ostracized and teased, he withdrew from those who were supposed to be his family. He was also one of the few who could change his shape to resemble a human, which marked him as powerful, but still even more different than he would have been comfortable with.

"Do not worry my child, you are destined for great things, I can tell," his mother would say. She died and he fled the pack, taking her paws her fur; which were to be ceremonial pieces for the tribe. He could never return and he didn't want to.

He decided to reside in Lubelia. There he wasn't isolated so much as he was teased. With the fiasco that was his dealings with the Three Pigs and Redd and her grandmother, there was no way he'd ever have any friends. Except Redd. She would not stop following him around. When he asked her why finally, she simply smiled and clasped her hands together.

"You're destined for great things, I can tell!" she chirped. It was on that day that he gave her his mother's claws. The fur…he'd give her another time.

Wolfe in his human form wrapped his mother's white fur around the trembling girl. She couldn't hear him, he was sure, but he had to say this anyway.

"Redd, you dumb girl…stay put this time. I can't have the only person I trust dying on me," he said. All this time, she followed him, knowing what he was doing was wrong or at least misguided. Redd believed in him and he wasn't sure why, but he'd do something right for once. Rebelling just rebel, fighting for a causes he didn't believe in just be accepted wasn't doing anyone a lick of good. Cradling her trembling body, he glared at Blue, who seemed ready to attack again.

"What do you want?" Wolfe barked.

"Miss Muffet's mirror," Blue replied.

"If someone takes care of Redd, I'll take you there," he told him. Blue nodded and Adam moved to take Redd in his arms.

"How do we know you won't betray us?" Blue asked as Wolfe came to his side.

"Redd followed me knowing I'd do the right thing. I'm going to finally do what I think is right and not what will buck authority," he replied. "I'm doing this for myself and for her."

Blue snorted, "You sure have a strange way of showing your love for her."

"You have a strange way of showing you love Goldie, but I never said anything," the wolf boy answered. Not another word was said, the group moved ahead. It had thinned to Blue, Jackson, Jillian, Wolfe, Hook, Tess and Ladon. With Wolfe leading, getting to the bridge was hardly a challenge, and once they left the woods, it was clear sailing to the stone structure.

"Do we have to worry about the troll that lives under the bridge?" Jackson asked. Wolfe shook his head.

"We had better worry about the goats over the bridge," he told Jackson.

"The Billy Goats Gruff. Remember, Brother? I told you they were in cahoots with Miss Muffet," Jillian said.

"Stay back, I have a score to settle with these guys," Wolfe instructed.

"I got your back, but only because everyone is depending on Hook, Tess and Ladon getting to the beanstalk," Blue said.

"They'll have to get past the wall after this, and you know who's there," Wolfe replied.

"Who's there?" Jackson asked. Wolfe stopped dead in his tracks. The bridge was right before them, and on it stood three goats, the largest as tall as a man and covered in long, thick hair.

"I knew it would only be a matter of time before you betrayed us," the largest goat said walking forward. "I told Muffet not to trust you."

"Let them through," Wolfe barked.

"Now you know I can't do that. First of all, all that grass on the other side is mine, and I don't want them stepping on it. Second, I know what they're after and I won't let them get to it," he replied. Wolfe snarled angrily.

"Let us pass!" he cried.

"Never," the largest one said. The three goats jumped back the full length of the bridge. Wolfe transformed into his human form.

"This is the only way I can get enough leverage to stop the charge of the Large Gruff. Blue, I trust you with the other two, they should be no match for your horn," he explained. Blue nodded and readied his instrument. The goats began to charge, and Wolfe did likewise.

Now, the two smaller will gain speed and try to converge on me to take me out Wolfe predicted. Sure enough one ran straight for him and he jumped over it and stepped over the other goat's head as he followed. They should have so much speed that they cannot stop and redirect, making them direct target's for Blue's horn he surmised. Two trumpet flourishes later the two goats were on their sides caught in a wave of sound and debris. Now I have to make sure I get each one of his horns in my hands and brace for impact Wolfe told himself.

He took the full impact of the charging goat on his upper body. He dug his heels into the ground and pushed back as best he could. There was no way in his wolf form he could have done this, his skull simply wasn't hard enough, despite what most believed.

"So, you're trying to be good like your mother wanted you to. You're trying to protect people now instead of pushing them around," the goat pressed. "You can't do anything. You're just a black wolf, a false hope to every one. You betrayed your own kind, why should anyone trust in you?"

"You're wrong," Wolfe said between clenched teeth. "I never betrayed my pack. They kicked me out, they told me to leave, and take all that was mine. I will be what my mother wanted me to be: someone who was destined for great things."

He took a deep breath and pushed the goat back with a forceful gale of wind. Wolfe stood in the middle of the bridge, transforming back into his wolf form. Instead of waiting for the goat to charge yet again, he charged him. With every step, it seemed as though the dark color of his fur was falling off. The goat snorted and ran straight for him. The two collided and a large cloud of dust blocked his friends' vision.

As the dust cleared, the goat was on his side and a silver wolf loomed over him. He let out a loud howl and the others knew that was a signal to move on. Blue stopped beside Wolfe as the others passed.

"Why don't you go ahead?" Wolfe asked.

"Jackson said that I should stay here in case of more attacks from this angle," Blue said. "And I know that battle took a lot out of you. What does it mean, now that your fur is silver?"

"I'm not sure…" the wolf boy answered. "I'm not just grey like the others, or just white like my mother or my pack. I'll find out soon enough I hope."

"Are you going to return to Mother's?" Blue asked. Wolfe looked over at him and sighed.

"Redd needs a safe place to recover and I go wherever she goes," he answered. Blue took that to mean yes.

Yes, that chapter was rather short. Scenarios that that involve multiple battles are always difficult for me to write. I want write about what everyone is doing, but it's very hard to make it cohesive while advancing the plot. So I just stick to advancing the plot.

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