to be together

in our big puffy coats

brightly colored hats and scarves

warming each others hands

on each others stomachs

arms around each other

as we walk

combined steps

as the snow brushes our cheeks

as we walk

toward your beat up pickup truck

your lips brush the snowflakes

from my eyelashes

as you reach for your keys

that aren't there.

Your face crumpling in regret

as you see them

through the driver side window

lying discarded on your seat

apologies drown my hearing

as it suddenly seems so much colder

and the light breeze

turns into an icy wind.

You see me shiver

unzip your coat

pull me to you

and zip me in with you

you hold me close

inside your big puffy coat

inside the circle of your arms

inside your gathered heat

captured, kept, magnified



with the snow dusting our hair

dusting your smile

dusting your warmth

dusting your truck

so forgotten in its being

of unlocked.