I am a twenty year old female-to-male transsexual. The following words are my experiences. While most of them reflect what many female-to-male transsexuals experience, I am in no way representative of the entire FTM population.

The following are words and phrases I use throughout. I will update this glossary as new words & phrases come up. The format of this glossary:

Word: Definition. Chapters in which I used the word

Transsexual: Someone who was born with one physical sex, but hir gender identity is that of the other. 1

FTM: Short for female-to-male. Both noun and adjective. Synonyms include F2M(n/adj), trans(gender/sexual) man/boy/male (n only)

Hir: A gender-neutral pronoun replacing him, his, and/or her. Commonly used in the gender-variant community. Pronounced "here"

Gender Identity: Internal feeling of being male, female, neither, both, or something else entirely. 2