Busy Girl

she hurries to and fro

always alone

no time to talk

a glimpse of her schedule

would tire anyone out

perpetually busy

and even at times

when she's nowhere to be

she can't stop running

to the library to study

she starts a new project

just to have something to do

she has friends

plenty of friends

yet she always eats alone

she doesn't like phone calls

and doesn't have time

to track people down

she is so lucky

to have friends such as these

forgiving of faults

always there to help

when the stress gets too high

when life overwhelms

times such as these

when it's too much to handle

her barriers crash down

her composure is lost

desperate, she reaches out

searching for comfort

expecting her friends

to always be there

sometimes she forgets

in the midst of a crisis

that they have lives too

she takes more than she gives

but when friends aren't there

or don't hear her cries

desperation takes over

she runs from the world

seeking escape and refuge

in liquor and smoke

shutting out fears

and drowning her problems

may quiet the howling wind

but it's only temporary

hiding from problems

just makes them worse

and sometimes the guilt

of all she has done

and her treatment of friends

who've learned what to expect

escapes through bitter tears

on her pillow at night

she is the master of silence

yet screaming inside

and if it weren't for her friends

she'd be long gone

lost in the howl of the wind

and the crash of the ocean

yet somehow she manages

to always keep running

racing the wind

to the ends of the earth

keeping those few friends

always within reach

as she runs past me

and disappears into the sunset

I can't help but wonder

if she'll be okay

because if she was ever in trouble

I'd be there

She's going to try her best to change the world.