Dimmed lights

Memory's hazy

Boredom comes

Eyes go glazey

Guilt is nagging

Exhaustion wins

Mind zones out

Daydream begins

Murmuring thoughts

Over my head

I would so rather

Be in bed

Warming sunshine

Crash cool waves

Freedom of summer

Memory saves

Summer evening

Couples kissing

That's a part

Of what I'm missing

Schoolwork stress

Lack of sleep

It's my sanity

I would keep

Tiresome talking

Eyes go dry

How I wish

The time would fly

Too many commitments

Giving me stress

How can I pass

Life's many tests?

Late at night

When I am alone

Sometimes I cry

And wish I was home

Cloudy day

Spirits fall

Sun is hiding

Gloom covers all

Days like today

Begin with a sigh

And I always end up

Wondering why

So maybe tomorrow

If Sun comes out

I'll know what this sadness

Is all about