move the mouse

screen wakes up

glowing colors

invite me in

gmail, webmail

delete the spam

hey mom guess what

I got an A on my midterm

got a package today

my mom made cookies :-P


right-click on AIM

change away message

Laura's still away

hey whats up

nm just got back from class

how bout u?


maximize firefox


whats my password again?

oh yeah

Environmental Science

Homework tab

blink, blink


hey ur there!

did you get my email?

yeah I'm coming on the 11th

did you get a ride yet?

firefox again


save to My Documents

don't feel like doing it yet

new tab – webmail

spam, spam

Laura has homework to do

yea me too

but im bein lazy right now



google – used cars

within 5 miles

second tab

haha that's a funny comic

have you seen this video?

its on YouTube

karaoke Kevin

wait, no

you don't know dane cook

so you wouldn't get it


so anyways

Emily pops up

hey wanna grab lunch?

sure, in a little bit

im doing homework

well, not really

Laura said something

I got an email from my mom

she sent me a package!

make a note

'check mailbox'

oh yeah, next week

is Michael's birthday

google search

birthday present ideas

for my brother

I have no clue

hey laura

what should I get my brother

for his birthday

yea next week


1:30? sure


did you get a flu shot yet?

swing dance on Saturday

who needs a ride?

science homework?


gotta keep up

with my facebook poking

did you know

facebook is now a verb

I facebooked your mom last night"


and google too

I googled harry potter

and got 15 million results

I googled banana

Banana Republic

video about bananas?

some people have too much free time

(not me of course)

3:10 AM

why am I still up?

oh yeah, homework

I forgot

haha Laura brb

nm too lazy

I'll do hw tomorrow

you still there?

maybe she's asleep


sounds like a good idea

I'll do hw tomorrow