this is a thing

about something

I thought about it today

and I really like it

because it's cool

she did it

one time

the other day

when they were there

and then they all went

to that place

they were talking about it

and then he said

something about

how it looked

when she bought it

and the thing was

how big

and what color

it was a good time

we all had fun

I was there

we all did that thing

with the stuff

at the place

and it was cool

remember that time?

it was so funny

somebody said that

we should go

to watch the thing

where it was showing

I think it was there

not quite sure

about that

one time

my friend and I

we went somewhere

and had this stuff

I forget what it was

but it tasted like

something sweet

or salty

it was really good

so I just wanted to let you know

that I'm going out somewhere

to do some things

at those places

with these people

for a couple of reasons

because it's fun

Just thought you would want to know about that.