Prom Night

gazing into his brown eyes

swaying to the beat

the heat of friction

bodies touching

like a jolt of lightning

hands tremble

hearts beat as one

the music loses meaning

no one else exists

eyes like deep pools

swirling dark chocolate

He Loves me

my heart sings

It hurts

the aching pain

overcome with emotion

if I were to scream it out

from the mountaintops

write it on the subway wall

print it in the paper

push him to the floor

with hot, steamy kisses

still it would not be enough

it overwhelms the senses

strangling me

until every other thought

every worry

floats out of my head

like that last bubble of air

from the lips of a drowning victim

I can't tear my gaze away

eyes watering

trying to hold on

to maintain the connection

just one more minute

one more instant

until it consumes us both

in fiery passion

or we lose it forever

a glimpse of heaven

to the living

The moment seems to stretch

into an eternity

neither one of us breathing

I dare not blink

for fear

that it is all a dream

a passing fantasy

an unreality

The rest of the world

passes into a blur

of grey static and noise

of useless thoughts and feelings

that no longer make any sense

and I struggle to remember

where I am

and what was happening

The song ends

I blink

and the spell is broken

back in the crowded room

surrounded by faces

full of color and sound

the murmur of voices

a guy laughing

his date blushes

her eyes sparkle in the dim light

the moment was gone


forgotten like a dream

that hovers on the edge of sleepy memory

I laugh

and there are stars in my eyes

Perhaps I imagined it after all

The sense of loss

just a trick of the mind

Months have passed

months of funny movies

and sweet swirling chocolate

warm, wet kisses on the doorstep

that made my heart flutter

yet every now and then

I seem to catch a glimpse

of that unnamable place

that unknowable something

when I look into his eyes

those beautiful eyes

but it's gone before I know it's there

darting out of reach

like a butterfly from the net

I may never know

exactly what happened that night

but something happened

something extraordinary

and in the end

that's really all that matters