Seven Deadly Sins


just warming up

slides down smooth and cool

the mind quiets down

nervousness melts away

unfamiliar faces seem friendly

she greets her brother

things are good


people dance around

normal becomes funny

brother and sister laugh together

making new friends

joking and talking

might as well go for it


not quite as sweet

no need for shoes

uncoordinated dancing

freedom from embarrassment

stranger and friend alike

a shared cookie becomes a joke

big brother helps her make friends

someone seems unimpressed

little sister doesn't care


the room seems to spin

lights flash eyes twinkle

laughter to lightheadedness

cracking up at dumb jokes

forgetting new friends names

where did i put my shoes?

friend in the corner looks concerned

brother and sister reminisce

until sentences become difficult

the cookie is still funny


she should stop now

starting to get out of control

dancing joking walking

big brother becomes a blur

wheres the bathroom ?

she needs some help

shower curtain falls down

feeling a bit woozy

spinning faster

still having fun


probably a bad idea

friends try to help

still wants to dance

but her feet wont cooperate

music seems to throb in her head

she is going to be sick

the wall isnt enough support

sinks to the floor

friends crowd around

everything is dim

she wants sleep

she needs Help.


hours later

head throbbing

going to be sick

forces down water

cant find the shoes

friends drive her home

she's late for work

rude to her boss

lazy and tired

unable to focus

regret and apology

food and water and painkillers

swearing: never again

after work, she sleeps.