Skittles for Breakfast

I take a walk

around the grounds

searching for

something I can't find,

my mind

shrouded by clouds

of misty smoke-

it ain't no joke


I can't think-

need a drink-

try to blink

to clear the mist


I eat some Skittles

play with riddles

there it is again

a man walks by

in a cloud of smoke

I want to cry

I take a breath

sweet smoky death

enters my lungs,


my reaction?

I need more.

run out the door

standing in line

waiting to buy...

I've changed my mind

back outside


killing time

starting to rhyme

run to the store

for something more

I look inside

trying to find

some peace of mind

trying to see

something in me

can't sit still

heart aflutter

and I mutter

what's wrong with me?

I can't see

it's in my mind

the foggy cloak

makes me choke

I want a smoke

as hard as it seems

to stop the dreams

to pass the time;

when I rhyme

my thoughts are clear

I'm so sincere

and I say:

I'll be okay.