This story was written as a fiction challenge run by Esquirella & jma. The planet Zerca and Zercans belong to Esquirella & jma and I claim no ownership thereof. I have used Esquirella & jma's definition of Zercans in order to write the fiction and base it in their universe, as required by the fiction challenge. Zerca and Zercan's were initially created for their story titled "You belong with me" and later used in a second story titled "You belong to me". These two stories can be found under the pen name boyz2men-yaoi-writers.

A brief description of Zercans is required in order to understand the more subtle points in this fiction. The description was taken from zercarpg proboards41 com (replace the spaces with fullstops) which is a role playing site started by Esquirella & jma.

Zercans- The people of Zerca are very similar to earthings - at least as far as their looks go. Their size, coloring, height - etc., varies, just as Earthings. Their strength in very much inhuman and holds nearly double the physical strength of any other species. Zercan's can shap shift into leaopards, it's color and size depending upon the color and size of the man in human form. These people, when giving birth, they do not have babies, but kit's that in mere days learns how to shift back and forth from human form to leopard. These people all have the hardship of searching the universes for their individual mates - their ones and onlys - the only one that can make them whole. They live their life torn in two, knowing that the other half to their whole is out there waiting for them somewhere.

They are a very popular race and very mate-dependant. If one is away from his other half for too long he will experience physical pain and depression. They can get violent and often do when experiencing jealousy. They are normally ruled by the beast within them - their trapped shift that dwells inside awaiting the chance to be free. Any physical attempt upon them or their loved ones will usually result in a violent death - mostly for the perpetrator. Despite their (at times) surly demeanor, they are known to be quite the peacemakers of the world - it helps that they are the largest threat to any and all. Each individual warrior is under the rule of the Shodan, the leader of their planet. Presently, Shodan Sariphan. (Yes, the one you know and love!)

The planet is also divided somewhat by a small group of people, self-named Reyls. They are of the same species with the same strengths and demeanors. They simply choose not to follow the rulings of a planetary leader. They are peaceful people - think of them as Zercan gypsies. They do not wish any harm, simply the luxury of their own free will. They do not like to intermingle with the other Zercans beneath the Shodan-rule and oft times travel about the less crowded parts of the world. They are very solitary and wary of any outsiders.

That said, the characters and situations they find themselves in are entirely of my making and belong to me. Please do not use them without permission. This story was limited to 3000 words and so was written as a short ficlet. However, if the demand is high enough, this story can be extended into a longer one seeing as the ficlet is written as a beginning. Now onto Wild Life! Enjoy!