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Chapter 1

The royal family was powerful. Over the decades, members had taken over 87% of the Universe, enslaving many. All those who did not agree with the royalty were either killed or made into slaves. The few that agreed were living on their planets peacefully and as free as one can be when they are being constantly monitored for signs of rebellion. Thousands of beings sat monitoring their fellow beings, waiting for any sign of an attack. They all sat in a humongous room, with television-like screens in small cubicles. The room was blue, with a hard floor made of some type of rock. The floor was white and smooth, cold to the touch. None of the workers had to worry about that, though. They were all wearing warm boots. They were allowed to have 7 breaks in a day, one including lunch, which was provided. If any attack was to be formed, the royalty would know about it before it even accumulated. That was how it was.

The prince, being the youngest ever to accept the throne, would have to understand everything. Unfortunately for him, he kept thinking about the 'Earth Girl' which interrupted his learning and forced him to not pay attention to what his father was saying to him. The old man quirked an eyebrow after explaining for the third time exactly how to treat the slaves.

"Sorry father."

"It's that girl, isn't it?" the king asked, but his son was drifting off again, remembering when he had first acquired a sixth sense, ultimately leading to him finding her.

They had just taken over and enslaved a planet, Nebulous. He was about to deliver the coup' de' grace to the leader of the small group of beings, when his hand froze, midair. His mind went blank, as he lost all bodily functions. He could only stare as the furry creature that he had beaten to the ground, rose from the ground, slightly bleeding, an evil grin dancing on its face. If had a furry face, although it's arms and body looked normal. He also had hooved feet and antlers. He was short, about 3' 6", and hoovered above the ground. Suddenly, the boy's body slammed into the ground. The force of the smash robbed the boy of his air. He spit up blood, gasping for breath, then glared at the creature. He still could not move, although he had once again gained the power to think.

If only I could touch him, the boy thought, I could copy his powers and defeat him.

The creature sneered, hearing his thoughts and was about to destroy him, when he realized what would happen to his people if he did. They would all get killed. He would not only be wasting his own life, but would inadvertantly kill his small clan. They would pay for the death of the Future King. He found he couldn't go through with it. There was too much at stake. Then he sat on the ground, back turned to the prince, bowing his antlered head in defeat. However, he still had a firm grasp on the boy's mind, therefore making the boy stay paralyzed. After a while, the creature stood.

"I'll make you a deal," he said hoarsly and slowly. "I'll exchange my powers for the freedom of my people." Then he searched the prince's face for an answer. He was met with unfeeling black eyes. Then they turned blue. The boy grinned.

"Very well then," he said. The creature hoovered once more, confused.

"You mean you'll make the deal, and never bother us again. No more killing or slaughtering... no strings attached?" The boy crossed his fingers behind his back.

"You have my word." The creature released it's mental hold on the prince, then closed its eyes. The boy walked over to the small creature. He kneeled and placed his hand on a scratched shoulder. The creature opened its eyes, looking at the prince darkly.

"You have lied to me," it said, angry. The boy grinned, a blue aura glowing around his body as he copied the creature's powers, leaving it weak. Then with his newly acquired powers, transported himself to the ship in less than a second.

"Father," he called out. "This place bores me, let's leave." The king appeared, angry expression on his face. The boy shrank back.

"I saw you cross your fingers in a promise," he said. The boy looked down. The man placed a hand on his son's shoulder. The boy looked up, only to be thrown across the room. "NEVER let me see you do that again. You WILL keep your promise, or after I die, I'll come back to kill you personally. A royal's deal is never to be broken." With that, the man turned on his heel sharply and stalked out of the room. The boy rubbed his bleeding knee, glaring as he stood up. They left the planet after they sent the people free form the planet. The planet was to be a great ally. Then they left. As the 16-year-old boy walked to his quarters, he felt a presence on the edge of his subconsciousness. It shook his composure deeply. He vowed to find out what is was. If it was evil, he'd destroy it with his bare hands.

"You're not paying attention again," the man said angrilly.

"Sorry father," the boy mumbled.

"You have exactly 2 months to learn everything there is to know and acquire a queen. The tounament will be in one month," the man said roughly. "The event will be a week after that. The battle will be as soon as you turn 18. You MUST learn everything before any of these dates. We're due to return to Ratapia in a few days. Don't keep me waiting," the king said. Then he stalked off, his hard eyes staring straight ahead, now black. The boy sighed. Then he scowled. He snapped his fingers. The 16-year-old boy appeared.

"Tomorrus," the prince barked. The boy bowed meakly.

"You called, Your Highness?" he asked.

"Yes, you're due to go to that school in less than 20 Earth minutes. We have to see if your name will arouse any suspicions. " The boy snapped his fingers. An old man appeared.

"You called?"

"Hiramous, get me the book of earthling names."

"Yes sire," the man said, bowing before leaving. He returned a few minutes later with a huge book containing every name since the birth of Mankind. Then he opened it, searching for Tomorrus. It was not there. The prince shoved the man out of the way, frustrated. Then he yelled at the man, who scrambled out. When the prince turned back toward the book, his finger had landed on a short name, Tom.

"Well, it seems good enough. You're earth name shall be Tom, as of today and only today," the prince said.

"Thank you, s-sire," the boy said. The prince looked at him.

Weak he thought to himself, then he shook his head sorrowfully. He'd only have to use this one once, then the boy could go back to his family, cowards that they were.

"S-sire...?" the boy asked. The prince looked at him, and he shrunk back.

"What do you want?" he growled.

"J-just that... well..."

"Spit it out, I DON'T have all day!"

"I know. I don't understand England," the boy said. The prince sighed, frustrated.

"It's ENGLISH you dope," he said. The boy nodded quickly, afraid of being killed. The prince looked bored as he put his hands out. A small box appeared, floating between them. "Take this. One pill shall do for one day. That's all you need. You'll learn... ENGLAND!" he shouted, then laughed cockily. The boy stood, looking at him as if he had gone insane. The prince stopped instantly. "You can go now," he said coldly. The boy bowed and ran out of the room. Then the prince snapped his fingers. Two burly guards appeared. "I'm bored," he announced. The guards looked at eachother and bowed to the prince.

"Would you like to spar?" one asked. "No powers allowed." The prince smiled.

"Yes," he said. "I'd like that a lot. No powers. A royals word is his word," the prince said, remembering his father's words. "We shall meet in the Sparring room in 20 minutes. I have to see Tom off before I come," he said and chuckled. The guards bowed and left the room. Then the prince teleported himself to the teleportation room, where Tom was waiting. The boy quickly bowed. "Hello Tom," the prince said, smirking. "I almost forgot," he said, taking out a shiny metal object. He placed it on the boy's camaflauge clothing, and he instantly clothed with a T-shirt and jeans with sneakers. "Just press the button, on the other tzyu, and you'll come back to the ship. Now go, you don't want to be late for your only day of school," the prince said. The boy instantly disappeared. The prince snapped his fingers and he was in the Sparring room. The guards had not yet arrived. "This should be interresting," he said to himself.

Serenity had made bacon and eggs, the only grocery items still in the house. Then she set the table for one, knowing her mother was too depressed to come out of her dark room. The girl ate in silence, then looked at the clock and realized that she had better get going if she was going to reach the city bus stop before 5:30. She finished her breakfast and washed the grimy dishes from breakfast and the night before. Then she took a washcloth and wiped off the table. She ran into the bathroom, doing the daily things that people do before they go anywhere. Then she scooped up her books and notebooks, taking even the one she had written her story in. As she left the house, locking the door, she heard sirens in the distance. She took her shortcut, running through the field, then reached the road, just as police cars turned into it. One pulled over, and a black haired man with a thick mustache and grey eyes stepped out. The other one went farther down the road.

"Miss," he said, "may I have a few words with you? There's been a terrible accident." Serenity stepped back unconsciously.

"What do you mean?" she asked, untrusting.

"Someone down this road has committed suicide." Serenity felt her heart fall in her chest.

"C-committed s-suicide?"

"Yes. A young lad. A Jerisher. His name was er... I don't quite remember..." She audibly gasped. Then she restrained herself.

It has to be Sam, she told herself in her mind. It has to be, Rod wouldn't have... He had too much to live for. No... no, it had to be Sam. Her heart was telling her she was lying to herself. A silent tear streaked down her cheek. There was still hope.

"Is it Sam?" she asked.

"No, no. That other boy. Thin, lanky kid. Maybe you don't know him."

"Rod?" she whispered.

"That's him," he said, snapping his fingers. His face grew serious. "What do you know about him?" he asked.

"He's my best friend," she said. Tears rolled down her cheeks. Why would Rod kill himself? Why would he leave her all alone... friendless.

"Do you know why he could've committed suicide? Have you talked to him recently?" the man asked. He seemed unfeeling to her. Cold, cruel, calculative, almost as if he thought she killed her best friend.

"I don't know. I talked to him yesterday. He seemed fine..." she said, then started to break down into tears.

It's a dream, she told herself. The Spegetti-Os were bad and they've gotten to my head. This is all just a terrible nightmare, and it'll be over soon. I'll talk to him, and the two of us will show the rest of the school that we're both better than any of them, even if we are different. We'll both beat the highest IQ score in the book and become Super Geniuses. He wouldn't kill himself. He had me. I'd stand up for him whenever possible. He still had to talk me into publishing my story. No, she though, relieved, he isn't dead.

"Are you all right?" the police officer asked her, seeing the smile cross her face.

"You're not real. None of this is. It's all just a terrible nightmare." The police man looked at her, then shook his head in sympathy.

"I'm sorry," he said softly. "This isn't a dream. Now, I need to know if you were there when he committed suicide."

"No," she whispered, feeling dead inside. Her best friend was dead. He was dead. She sobbed lightly, then ran. She had to get away from the reality of it all. It was too much to bear.

"Hey!" the man yelled after her. Then he shook his head.

Serenity ran past her stop. She would run all the way to school if it relieved the painful ache in her heart. She couldn't go on. What if she just killed herself? She would be with Rod, and they could create the next story together. She shook her head violently, pushing out all the impulsive thoughts. She couldn't do that. Who would look after her mother. Her legs were starting to burn, so she slowed down to a walk. There were only 5 miles to school. She was surprised at how fast she had run. Tears were still falling freely down her cheeks. Thunder boomed and she saw a flash of lightning. It was perfect weather for depression, her mind thought. She shook her head violently once more. She had to stay focused on other thoughts.

Look at that leaf, she thought to herself, it's turning colors already. Wouldn't Rod be surprised. She burst into tears again and started running with all the strength she had. Another crash of thunder struck. Then the rain came. It felt good against her face, mixing in with her tears. Then the drops of water started pelting her notebook. The one on top. She looked down and discovered that she had taken her story with. She let out a sardonic and choked laugh at the irony of it. The girl in her story had lost everything. Then she remembered. Her mother was still alive. She WASN'T like the girl in the story. The rain was starting to soak through the cover, so she pressed it to her chest, keeping her head down. She didn't notice the red-haired kid until she practically plowed him over.

"Sorry," she said in a hoarse voice filled with sorrow. She had knocked the boy to the ground. His blue jeans were getting muddy. Then he stood up.

"That's all right," he said in a somewhat accented voice. She looked up and found him staring at her. He had a thoughtful look on his face. It was making her nervous.

"Uh, are you all right?" she asked. He caught himself staring and focefully shook his head.

"I'm fine," he said. "You just gave me a fright," he looked down at his jeans and saw the mud. Now isn't this a perfect way to start school, he thought to himself. All because of that girl. I'll never find the girl named Serenity.

"Gave you a fright?" she asked. Then she threw her head back and laughed. She couldn't imagine anyone saying that. He just gave her and odd look.

She's beautiful, but I think there's something wrong with her head.

"Sorry," she said, finally coming out of her giggle fit. Then she smiled at him. "My name's Serenity, what's your's?" she asked.

"Er, Tom. My name is Tom."

"Well, Tom, you seem a little lost. Where are you trying to go?" she asked.

"Pearson 14 High," he said.

"Ok. That's my school. We're going to have to run to get there on time," she said.

"Run?" he looked at her as if she had just grown another head. She smiled sadly. He reminded her of Rod.

"Of course. School starts in 10 minutes."

"TEN MINUTES?! You mean that we have to run 5 miles in 10 minutes."

"It's been done before," she said, becoming depressed again.

"What's wrong?" he asked, feeling her depression.

"My... my... forget it!" she yelled, then started running. He had nothing left to do but follow her.

This is going to be hard, he thought to himself, I never imagined her being this difficult. How will I become friends with her in ONE DAY? It's IMPOSSIBLE. That's what it is.

The prince was losing in sparring. What usually was very easy to him had suddenly become difficult. Right when he was about to put an end to both of the guards, an overwhelming feeling of sadness took over him, causing him to lose concentration. The guards took this time to attack. They had him grasping to the edge of his life. He couldn't block any longer, because his arms were swollen and bleeding, so he concentrated his energy into rejuvinating himself. He was soon back to maximum strength. Then he grinned wickedly, ready to confront the guards once more.

The bell rang just as the two entered the school. Serenity ran to her locker and Tom stalked to the Administration Office. A lot of people passed Serenity in the hall. They either gave her sympathetic looks for the loss of her only friend, or tormented her, saying that anyone would commit suicide if they had her for a friend. She believed them and stayed quiet, walking slowly to her first class, Chemistry.

"Hey, wait up," she heard a voice say behind her. She turned around and saw Tom. She gave him a weak smile.

"Hi," she said.

"What's your first class?" he asked, although he already knew what it was.

"Chem, how about you?"

"I'm the same, Chemistry," he said, grinning dumbly. She couldn't help it, she laughed.

"Your language is silly," she said.

"My language is ... silly? Dang, and here I thought I'd made a new friend." Serenity blushed slightly.

"I didn't mean it like that..." she said, trailing off. Tom looked at a clock in the hallway.

"We'd better hurry," he said, grabbing her wrist gently, "or we'll be late! You wouldn't want me to be late on my first day of school, would you?" he asked. Serenity blushed again.

"I guess not," she said softly. Tom grinned as he led her to Chemistry, a room filled with talking students.

"Ok, people, we have a new student," a gray haired, strict teacher by the name of Miss Bredson said. "I'd like you all to meet Tom. He's from ... England." The students all looked bored by this peice of information. They started talking again. "QUIET!" Miss Bredson yelled. "You can have a seat in the back next to... Serene," she said, indicating the seat to the left of Serenity. Tom grinned and made his way to the back of the room. The teacher cleared her throat. All the noise stopped. "As you all must know, there's been a terrible accident involving one of our brightest students. Young Roderick Jerish committed suicide as of last night. There will be an assembly in a few minutes to explain about suicide and ways to deal with it," she said, then stopped to cry. Every student but Serenity and Tom cheered. The teacher glared at them. Then an announcement came on the loudspeaker, repeating what she had just said, except without the tears. Almost everyone left the room. Serene was left, staring into outerspace with tears running down her cheeks. Tom just looked at her, not sure what to do. Nobody ever cried where he was from, so this was a new concept to him. The teacher sat behind her desk, a tissue in her hand. She looked up and saw Serenity. "Oh, poor child," she said, "you'd be taking this harder than anyone. He was your best friend." Serene stopped crying.

"I'm fine," she said stiffly. The teacher nodded sympathetically, which was the last thing that Serenity wanted. She gathered her things and left, angry.

"Hey, Serenity, wait up!" Tom called after her. Sighing, she did.

"Why doesn't anyone understand?" she asked angrilly. "He DIDN'T kill himself. He WOULDN'T have done that!" she shouted angrily. "I'm sick of everyone always giving sympathetic looks. I didn't die, HE did. They should be symathetic for ROD! Instead they're all happy that they get out of class. I HATE THEM ALL!" she yelled, then ran down the hall, out of the school building. Tom sighed.

"HOW am I supposed to get her to trust me when she's like THIS?" he asked, bewildered.

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