Play that happy song

"Granddad, you will never forget this, I will make you proud" I smiled, tucking my hair behind my ear. Sticking out my chest so the clip shone bright .

Lucas Salvador-pore Personal assistant

"Celina , I get it" he sighed signing documents his secretary handed to him, people came in and out showing illustrations and première dates and release dates fro my Granddad father's company new movie. The One starring Lucas Salvador-pore. My soon-to be future- husband, as soon as I meet him that is. My grandfather William Blake the famous Hollywood director had landed me a job as Lucas's PA for the summer, while all my friends were off on holiday. I would be going to exclusive parties, rubbing elbows with celebrities and pointing out the obvious to Lucas, that he loves me, obviously.

"Lucas will be here in 10 minutes with his new girlfriend and co-star Argentina Margraves" announced his secretary, his new girlfriend. I turned to look at my grandfather who raised a quick brow at me and turned to look at his files. As soon as his secretary was gone I plunked myself in front o f him.

"Argentina Margraves!" I said indignation

"Yes, don't you read the tabloids" he said not removing his eyes from the sheet of paper in front; I tore the piece of paper from his hands. A wrinkle appeared between his brows as he lifted his head. "Celina" he said not looking up "I wouldn't have given you the job if he was single, sweetheart. You may not be the catch of the day but you are still female and to Lucas new meat" finally making contact with my eyes.

"I want to be new meat" I screamed "Mrs. Celina Salvador-pore". My grandfather gave a cynical laugh and leaned back in his chair.

"You think you can change a player like Lucas" he laughed "he was born one …he's going to die one sweetheart"

"Look Lucas is a deep sensitive man who loves watching dolphins and sunsets"

"Seems like someone has been reading my website page" said a husky silkily voice, I turned my head around to face a tall guy around 6 ft tall with a slender blonde in his arms. The famous duo had arrived Lucas and Argentina. Argentina gave me a quick sly look and a tiny smile before wrapping her arms around Lucas. Argentina Margraves the Portuguese blonde who had just arrived on the scene a year back. With her dark blonde hair, her voluptuous figure, tanned bronze and ridiculously long legs with oval hazel eyes and a beauty mark. She looked the perfect beauty dressed in designer form head to toe, a pair of white designer jeans, a red Tommy Hilfiger top, red converses and big large designer glasses, Lucas who had his arm swung around her and did not look at happy at all, was dressed just a fantastic as her, wearing a grey Tommy Hilfiger top, a pair of black designer jeans and some black converses with big large glasses with a cap.

"Lucas, you're here" scowled my grandfather looking at his watch "2 hours late, wow a new world record for earliness in the Lucas files". I blushed my grandfather could be so embarrassing but to be like this in front of Lucas was beyond words Lucas raised an eyebrow over his glasses in this really cool way and his scowl deepened

"Look, Will I would have been here, sooner but I was caught up in business, my manager Kris is coming now" he muttered, Argentina purred slightly and gave him a cuddle; I could feel myself vomit in my mouth.

"Don't worry Luc, Kris will sort it all out, sí" she said rolling his name. I gave a little cough for my presence to be taken into account. Lucas and Argentina turned to look at me.

"Oh yeah, this is Celina you're new PA" My grandfather said pointing his wrinkled forefinger at me. I stood up and smiled, giving my hand. He looked at my hand and then looked at my grandfather.

"Dude she looks like a kid" he said

"Yeah!" chimed Argentina

"Cause she is, Look Lucas it took me three weeks to find the best for the job" he said reading some documents. He couldn't even be bothered to look at the Lucas Salvador-pore. I hung my head in embarrassment and retracted my hand. Lucas thought I was a kid, but of course why wouldn't I look like one next to glamorous Argentina. My pale mousy brown hair, my brown eyes, my slim body plain Jane body wrapped in worn-out jeans with a 'That's hot' top and sneakers with a Pucca bag.

"Ahhh! So you're the infamous Celina" said a voice. I turned to look at a skinny orange woman blonde hair wearing a black suit. She pushed in between the couple and shook my hand.

"Infamous?" questioned Lucas

"Just a little joke" I laughed feebly

"I'm Kris, this is Lucas and Miss Supermodel is Argentina but of course you already know this, so you are the little victim who has to be Lucas temporary PA" she drawled, giving me a sympathetic smile.

"I bet you Lucas will be easy, easier than any other of my clients" I lied; Grandfather raised his eyebrow at me and smiled.

" Look Celina knows her stuff, organization and perfection runs in her blood, plus you haven't got a choice unless you can prove her unfit, belt up!" he said " Now you three get out, Kris and I got stuff to discuss"

"You're a poet and…" I said, whenever anyone rhymed I always said that line.

"Shut up you brat!" he said throwing a pen at me. We all ran out of the room. I looked at Lucas who was now behind Argentina with his arms around her.

"Kid, how old are you?" Lucas asked, I blushed and forced the words out of my mouth.

"17" I whispered, he looked irritated at me, and eyed me like I was scum from beneath the earth. Like I wasn't fit to be part of the human race. I never felt so low in my life.

This wasn't how this was meant to turn out

What did you expect, KID?

SHUT UP, wait who are you?

Duh, you! I'm you're inner self

So I'm official crazy

No, I'm just the voice of the deeper subconscious complex side of you which has the involuntary thoughts you wish not to have or arise.

In English

Yep, you're crazy

"Hello?" shouted Argentina, I shook my head realizing I had zoned out.

"Sorry about that" I muttered, digging out my personal organizer.

"So Mr. Salvador-pore, what shall be on your agenda today?" I asked trying to maintain professionalism.

"How about you get Gina and me some lattes from the Starbucks across the road, okay kid? Good now get" he said in this cold voice. I nodded ,tears stung my throat as I ran to the lift. As soon as I got into the lift I busted out in tears, and those metal jaws shut engulfing me. Hot streams of water started running down my face. My whole dreams fell round me, it wasn't meant to happen like this he was meant to be on time and walk into the office, alone! See me and shake my hand. He was supposed to be charming. We would work together and eventually he would develop feelings for me just like in the movie, just like my dreams. But of course movie are just movies.


I looked up; it was too soon to be the ground floor especially as I was on the 7th floor, a young guy about his late-teens stepped into the lift. I only managed to wipe some of there tears when he turned to stare at me.

"What's wrong?" he said, I looked up to see that the guy was actually Stevie Baxter, one of the hottest but reserved actors in Hollywood. My best friend had a major crush on him

"Nothing" I choked, trying to stop the tears. He smiled at me, and bought out a handkerchief and wipe my face.

"Hey you're Celina Blake, William's granddaughter" he said picking me. "So seriously Celina what's wrong?" he then looked at me and turned to look at the clip on my chest. I felt so ashamed wearing it now all the pride and happiness which radiated from it before was gone but the frown on his face made it worse.

"So you're the victim who is Pore's new PA, no wonder he's a demon isn't he?" he said "GROWL" I laughed and wiped my face clean. Thank the lord I chose against wearing mascara.

"Is he that bad?" I asked, of course I knew the answer

"Didn't he make a little angel like you cry?" he said, I nodded then he turned to the door "then there is no explanation imagine working with him and Argentina for the last 7 months, that film better be worth it". I looked at him, he was a total contrast to Lucas's dark sultry looks, and he was a vivid strawberry blond with blue eyes. His body wasn't as tanned or built like Lucas it was more slim but not any less attractive.

"So where you going Miss Blake?" he asked tucking his hands in his pockets.

"Starbucks to get them Lattes" I replied feeling more comfortable

"Argentina is lactose and tolerant , she prefers ice tea and Lucas hates lattes only drinks hot black coffee get them the lattes and their drinks" he said, I looked at him confusion.

"They want to get you fired, he wants my PA to be his but Kris and William can't be fooled but Lucas is smart, Georgie Parkinson" he replied humming the tune, I guess he was listening to his I-Pod. Georgie Parkinson was the most sought after PA, she was the best in the business.

If we were a movie

You'd be the right guy

And I'd be the best friend

That you'd fall in love with

In the end we'd be laughing

Watching the sunset

Fade to black

Show the names

Play the happy song

He sung in this soft voice, I instantly realized what he was singing. It was Hannah Montana. My next door neighbor's daughter loved that show and was always around my house .I raised my eyebrow at him and giggled. He returned my eyebrow.

" My sister constantly sings this, I had to download it to get it out my head" he said blushing a deep crimson

"You're Stevie Baxter , no explanation needed" I replied and began singing with him as soon as I caught the chorus.

In the end we'd be laughing

Watching the sunset

Fade to black

Show the names

Play the happy song

He let out a soft laugh and the doors opened he stepped out onto his floor.

"Well this is where I say au revoir, Miss Blake"

" Call me Celina" I replied

" Call me Stevie" he replied and the doors shut. I knew what I was going to have to do now, I had to buy 4 drinks now, two lattes, an ice tea and one strong black coffee.

"Where's is our drinks, Carolina?" Lucas asked as soon as I got back. I saw their shared smile between the two. Kris and Grandfather was standing behind them.

" Oh here are your two lattes" I said holding out the lattes.

" Are you dumb, I wanted a black coffee and Gina wanted ice tea you trying to kill her?" he shouted, Grandfather scowled at me. Kris shook her head, I smiled and put the lattes on the table trying to maintain controlled though I could barely contain the feeling of despaired, Stevie was right.

"Oops I mean here's you're ice tea and black coffee" is aid holding them out, Lucas and Argentina's faces fell and I handed the lattes to my grandfather and Kris.

"See told you, Celina was the best for the job" my grandfather said, Kris nodded while drinking her latte and then he walked back into his office without a word of bye or good luck.

" Good job, kid" Kris said s she walked past me "smart" . Lucas barged past me and Argentina elbowed me as they walked past me. I turned around, I felt like I had been thrown to the dogs, then it thought of Stevie and felt a pang of jealously towards to Georie Parkinson.

"Lucky cow" I muttered chasing after the trio.

If we were a movie

You'd be the right guy

And I'd be the best friend

That you'd fall in love with

In the end we'd be laughing

Watching the sunset

Fade to black

Show the names

Play the happy song

Play that happy song….