Life Support

Chapter One:

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Cale's POV:

I growl in annoyance as I crack open my eyes, instantly shutting them again as the light streaming in through my open window blinds me. I mumble out a curse (though I'm not sure which one, as I'm quite positive that it's way too early to speak, let alone to form coherent thoughts. And sentences? Yeah, right!). From beside me, Dam laughs, and I feel his chest move beneath my ear. It takes me a moment to remember why he's here, but I don't think that it is odd at all, even though I can't remember the reason at first. After all, I'm so used to sleeping with him; in fact, most days I do fall asleep beside (or rather tangled up) in him. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Well, unless I could wake up like this EVERY morning.

Minus the bloody light.

I hate the sun. Apparently, it hates me with equal fervor, as it always insists upon waking me up at God-awful times in the morning.

Like 8:12.


I hate mornings.

"C'mon," Dam whispers finally, interrupting my inner monologue. It seems as if he is almost afraid of breaking up this calm that had built up around us. Well, the silence anyway. My thoughts were anything but calm. Sleepy, perhaps. Rarely calm.

I sulk, not wanting to move, and I know he is currently rolling his eyes at my childishness. Still, to his credit, he does not force the issue, nor does he complain when my arms tighten around his waist and my cold feet rub against his nice, warm (not to mention firm) legs.

"Thank you for coming over last night," I mumble quietly, knowing that we really need to talk about it. Not a conversation I want to be having, but I know that he will force the issue anyway, and I would rather discuss it here, warm and comfortable in his embrace, than anywhere else.

The silence returns, the only movement his hand steadily petting my tangled hair, shuffling fingers through it to remove the knots, but gently, so as not to tug. I push my head up into his hands, loving the feeling.

"Are you going to start purring, too, Cale?" he demands of me with a laugh.

I scowl in return. "No, jackass…I'm not some girl!"

Sorry, that sounded sexist. But I'm not! I'm a MAN, for God's sake! A gay one, sure, but that doesn't mean anything. I still didn't act like some damned chick. Besides, I refuse to be related to that whore, Tracy, in any way, shape, or form.

Well, besides the fact that we both have a "thing" for Dam.

But that simply means, however, that for the first time EVER, she had showed good taste in something. Trust me, it's a fucking miracle; I've SEEN her wardrobe. All that pink…

I shiver in disgust.

He laughed lightly, continuing to run his hand through my hair. "No, idiot! I was thinking more of a feline; the way you curl up around people and the length of time you sleep doesn't really help your case."

I tilt my head up to scowl at him, but the expression-and my false anger-are lost when I take him in.

He is wearing nothing but the boxers that I had given him two years ago for Valentine's day. He's rumpled, having that "just been shagged" look about him. (Which, I assure you, he hadn't been, much as I might wish otherwise.) His blond hair is ruffled, locks of it covering his face, and every so often he reaches up to haphazardly tuck them back. His blue eyes still contain traces of sleepiness, but are still as piercing and beautiful as ever.

It is after taking all of this in that I realize, somewhat embarrassingly, that I've just been caught staring at him-not unusual, certainly, for I stare at him constantly.

Well, to excuse myself, I must say that he is drop-dead gorgeous. A gay man's wet dream!

And trust me, I know.

"What?" he asks me, as I was still staring at him. "Do I have something on my face?"

I pause for a moment, quickly searching for a witty retort, so my real feelings don't interfere. Unfortunately, it is, even for me, too early in the morning to come up with anything clever, so I merely shake my head.

"No…I'm just…well…yeah." I stutter, not sure of how to reply.

He rolls his eyes at me, I'm sure thinking of how wonderfully articulate I am.

Screw him. Just because we aren't all English nerds doesn't mean he has the right to mock me.

But he doesn't. Which is kind of surprising. Mock me, I mean. Usually he would be all over it. Perhaps he pities me….

And that brings me back to why I was feeling so horrible. I sigh, sinking against him and soaking up his warmth, loving the feeling of his bare chest against mine. It's something I would never tire of, I don't think.

His hands, which haven't stopped petting my hair the entire time, drop down to stroke my neck and rub my back in an attempt to get me to relax.

Which, I already am, but he is trying to be comforting. And it is…well, it will be until another problem occurs from his hands constantly being on me.

But we'll deal with that problem when we come to it.

And come to it, I'm sure we shall…maybe I will have to get up and tell him it's time for breakfast before that problem occurs. Sounds like a plan to me; get to whine about my feelings, all the while wrapped up tightly in his arms, then I get to order him to make me breakfast; he makes the best pancakes imaginable. I feel certain today that he will gladly do it for me, and will even add the smiley face on to the top of it to cheer me up.

I love the smiley face.

I love his smiling face, peering down at me as he asks if I want to talk about it, even more.

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