You believe me

You're believing me that I'm perfect

I'm happy

I'm being me.

Why am I so far away?

Away from

Everyone who is perfect and happy.

Anger is overcoming me.

It's swallowing me whole, bringing more pain.

Time after time I try to get away.

I don't want to care.

I don't want to care anymore.

I'm sick of being sick.

I'm surrounded by all of you.

You who "know" me so well.

Yet I'm so alone.

You suck the life out of me, not knowing.

You wear me out.

I reach out for something to hold on to

I don't feel anything in front of me

And I can't go back.

It's a loss of hope that's causing all this pain.

It's a loss of passion that's keeping me from dancing.

There's a taste in my mouth.

The taste of defeat.

It's easier to let yourself go

Then it is to gain your life back.