When you're here,

When you stand by me,

I know how it feels

To be free.

To let go

Of all my sins

And fly away

On your wings.

When I see you

Smile and laugh

And your eyes dance

I'm full at last.

The empty is gone

Replaced with a heart

You sewed me up

When I drifted apart.

And when my

Uncertainty returns

You are there to

Make sure it spurns.

You are there

By my side.

For you, I'd do anything

Even die.

But that chance

I couldn't take

Because you fell

For my sake.

If we ever

Meet again

One thing I'll say

To you my friend

Is how much

I love you

And how I would

Do anything to prove

That I am sorry

For all I said

For those times

You cried without end.

For those times

I never stopped

The hurt in your wounds

And let the happiness drop.

But you still fell

And hit quite hard

Life tumbled down

Broke into shards.

I'd never survive

Being alone,

Another option

I was shown.

I know that this way

Is much better,

So I have

Left a letter,

Addressed to you

In my name,

To be placed,

On my grave.