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FOUR- What Went Wrong

The next morning, I woke up at around 2 P.M. Partly because of some minor jet lag, and partly because of how late I was up talking to Mallory and drinking her divine Pinot Noir. I wore a white t-shirt and a pink long-sleeved polo over that, along with a pair of khaki pants. After a quick shower, I walked downstairs to find Elliot making himself a meal.

"Hm, you wake up as late as I did, too?" I asked.

He nodded, "About a half-an hour before you, I think. I'm making some chili con carne. Care to try some?"

"Sure." I replied. I yawned and sat down next to the table and took out my mobile phone. Yes, I call it a mobile. Anyway, A few messages were left. Many of them were from Ruby, and one of them was from Marcy. Another was from Mallory. Eager to listen to what each girl had to say, I pressed my ear against the receiver.

I decided to listen to Ruby's message first, as I blew off her calls previously, I chose to give her another chance. "Hey Brody. I've been trying to get a hold of you for a while. How's California? I hope you're good. Things in New York haven't changed. Anyway, I have something to tell you, but I want to do it in person, not over the phone or anything. So, I might go to Cali, too. But, if you don't want me to, I understand. I'll wait to tell you when you come back to New York. You are, aren't you? Heh, I think you said that you were, or otherwise I'm in wishful thinking. See you soon."

Hm, interesting. I wondered what she wanted to tell me. I didn't really know Ruby well, so my guess would be that she would be cliché enough to fly to the other side of the country, just to tell me "I love you." The rest of her messages were just reminders that she wanted to come over to California, and asking if I was coming back. I honestly haven't decided yet, myself.

I listened to Marcy's message, "Hey, stud! Gosh, I haven't seen you since your little accident. That really sucks. Anyway, I'm glad that you're okay, and I hope you're enjoying California. I'm going to my high school reunion next month, and it's in San Francisco. So, I might be seeing you over there! So, just checking on how you were doing. Anyway, come back to New York so we can fuck some more. Bye." I honestly didn't know if it was good or bad if Marcy was coming to California. I wanted to start fresh, so I didn't want someone from my past coming, but out of all of the 7 girls that I dated on different days of the week, Marcy, Miss Friday, was the one that I fancied the most. Still a tool, though.

Finally, Mallory's single message came, "Hey Brody, um, do I call you Buckley? Anyway, I had a great time last night. I hope you did, too. Well, I remembered that you said this was your first time in Orange County, so I was thinking maybe I could show you around? I know some really nice restaurants that I know you'd love. I'm open anytime, because I usually don't stay at the club that often. So, give me a call back, see you."

I grinned throughout the entire message, because her voice, the way she said everything was just adorable. I know it's kind of weird for a guy like me to say it, but she was the most innocent, shy, "cute" girl I had ever met. It was kind of odd how someone like her would own a jumping nightclub. I called back, agreeing to take a look around the area with Mallory, praying that maybe she wouldn't wear too much make-up.

The agreement was that she would take me out tonight. She would order a stretch limo to drive us around Orange County, look at some sights, and then go out for a little supper at a restaurant called Mangia Mangia, the finest Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach.

I decided not to change, because I liked the pink color. I quickly combed my honey-blond hair before the time came, and soon enough, Mallory's limousine pulled up on Elliot's driveway. Mallory looked unquestionably dazzling when I saw her wearing a sleeveless black shirt and a long white skirt. Her hair wasn't as bushy this time. In fact, her hair seemed slightly longer than it was last night, because her curled ends reached down to her shoulder blades. Her face had almost no make-up on, this time, and it finally revealed its natural splendor, and her magnificent smile showed off her glittery-white teeth, a smile I tried to emulate as much as possible when I looked back into her exquisite hazel eyes.

Our little date, if you wanted to call it that, mainly consisted of driving along the coast of the county. We drove from Huntington Beach southeast to Costa Mesa, to Newport Beach, and finally Laguna Beach, and Mallory gladly showed me around each of the cities. At Laguna Beach, we went for a quick wine break at a dance club there called Club White House. After that, we drove back to Huntington Beach to eat.

The entire limousine ride went very well, in my opinion. There didn't seem to be an awkward, silent moment at all. There was always something to talk about, and the entire ride was one huge and heated conversation. It seemed that Mallory made it easy somehow for us to talk and keep on talking.

"So, what went wrong in relationships you've had in the past with men?" I remember saying during a segment of our conversation.

"Hmm…" Mallory had to think about that one, I could tell. She sternly gazed into her champagne glass as she leaned back on the limousine seat. "I guess, all they were looking for was sex." She said, "I know that sounds really stale and cliché for me to say it, but I hate men who just go out there and take pleasure in constantly having sex with different women. Hm, what's the word for them?"

"Womanizers?" I said.

She lit up, "Yes! That's exactly what I mean. Playboys, you know? That's pretty much why other relationships that I've had never worked out, you know?"

I just smiled and blinked, being the only one in the car who was well aware that she was sitting right across from one. "Well, don't you think it's unfair that you're too quick to judge the lot of them? I'm sure they're not all the same." I reasoned.

She sighed and looked into my eyes again, "I guess, but I think I've been with too many of them to give any of them second chances."

I nodded. Indeed I could never tell her that I was one, myself. After her adamant testimony, I started to question whether or not she was right for me. But of course, none of the other girls that I have dated have ever found out.

The ride went on, and we were getting closer to Huntington Beach. I think that it was during the limousine ride that I wasn't thinking about sex when I was around a beautiful woman in a long time.

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