This pain inside, it grows and grows,

The most pathitic thing sets me off,

The feelings I have are starting surface.

I want to reach out to you,

but I feel like you'd just turn away,

even then I still want to wrap my arms around you,

then tell you how much I want you to be mine.

I know I must sound so pathetic, and even childish,

but these feelings can't be caged up for much longer,

they seem to endanger my well being.

Will you wrap your arms around me,

or will you just just tell me to get off?

I pray that you'll at lest let me cry in your arms,

and get this out so it won't eat me alive.

I know that we've never been able to work things out,

but I still want to even if there isn't any hope that things will change..

Because it hurts to love you still..