Your tearing me apart,

Your behavior is contradicting,

I remember how you where,

Then I think of how you are now.

I'm not sure if I should trust you,

But I really want to.

If there is a real chance that we may make it,

I'll gamble my heart once again,

I'll let somedays pass to see if what I see in you is true,

Then I might let you in again.

Or at lest try,

You know how I tend to shut you out once we're together,

Please don't break my heart again if you can help it.

I've cried so much already over you,

You have no idea how many nights I cry.

I'm more fustrated at myself then you at times,

That I keep treating you bad,

I hope what we had today will last forever.

My trying to comfort you,

You cuddling me and being playful.

I hope that it'll always be like that,

Instead of being sarcastic and hurting the others feelings.

I'll always adore you,

One way or another.