You had a crush,

and for some reason it was on me

for some reason I started to like you too.

Now I'll find you cross my mind,

thinking if your thinking of me too.

I thought should I ask you out,

just out of the blue,

we like each other,

so really what is there to lose?

I just hope I can keep you happy,

and that maybe we can learn more about you and me.

Your my mischievous Lil' devil from heaven,

and I'm your sexy Lil' angel from hell.

Your sweet and a tease,

and bring me down in the best of ways.

You tease like crazy,

then I dream of your sweet face,

of holding your hand down the hall,

and then maybe a peck on your soft lips.

Your mine,

and I'm yours,

let's see what fun is to be had.