I love you,

that's the way it was,

buried under layers,

but not anymore,

I hate you purely now,

there is no hope for us,

this I now see.

You said you wanted to work things out,

but now your actions say different,

once you struck me,

it was clear to see,

you care Nothing for me..

You don't care if I cry,

you don't try to give me a hug,

or even say that your sorry,

your a pest,

an annoyance.

Go ahead,

say that I'm not better,

I know that I'm not,

I admit it.

Ya I had an attitude,

but guess what?

If you thought That was an attitude,

well I'll just say you won't want to be around me much at all any more,

I'll be the worst person I can be Just to get under your skin.

Oh and forget ever touching me again,

that won't happen ever again you jerk,

hurting me like that the last time,

you obviously don't care if I'm in physical pain even.

I'll just return the favor,

the next time you fall or such,

expect me not to feel even sorry for you,

I'll keep walking on,

just as I do now...