There's Something About That Christmas Magic
Void Delirium


"The snow is falling
The city is white
Your eyes are shining
like diamonds tonight
And we're all alone
There's no one home
You're finally in my arms again

The night is silent
And Christmas is here
I couldn't ask for more than having ya near
'Cause I love you girl
And I always will
And now I know the moment is right
The moment is right"
'This Gift' by 98 Degrees


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When we pulled out of the kiss, I was smiling like I'd never smiled before. In fact, I was smiling so much my cheeks were starting to hurt. It didn't matter that I'd screwed up the day before. It didn't matter that my family hated me or that Trent cheated on me. Nothing mattered except for the gorgeous man standing in front of me.

"So," Aiden began, breaking the silence between us, "I was hoping that I could take you out for dinner or something tonight... do something different besides coffee."

I laughed softly.

"I would love that."

"Great. Well, I'll pick you back up in about an hour, how does that sound? You probably want to change – although I wouldn't mind you staying in your pajamas – and I have to tell my family what happened. Grandma's probably had three anxiety attacks just waiting to hear back from me."

I laughed at the mental image of his entire family huddled around the phone, with Mrs. Marks chewing nervously on her perfectly trimmed and painted fingernails before collapsing onto the floor.

But at the mention of my pajamas, I looked down at my outfit and a faint blush of mortification crept up my face. I had been standing there, having this deep confession and everything with Aiden in my flannel pants and tank top.

Self-consciously crossing my arms across my chest, I did my best to look like I wasn't embarrassed and nodded at the gorgeous guy – my boyfriend – in front of me.

"Okay, sounds great."

"See you in an hour." Aiden whispered, leaning in for one small kiss before leaving my apartment.

And then it hit me.

"CRAP! What am I supposed to wear?"

Sulking, I wandered back to my room and pulled out the phone. Grey better come up with something good...


"So... he actually asked you out?"


A pause.

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH I KNEW IT! He's totally in love with you. Is he a good kisser?"


"Never mind, you're not going to tell me anyway. AH! This is so exciting! I'm almost jealous of you... man, if I was still single I'd be all over that gorgeous piece of man. Seriously, you should see the look I'm giving my cell phone right now – pure jealousy, I tell you!"



"You're really weird."

"Eh, what else is new?"

A sigh.

"Nothing at all. So, will you help me pick out what the hell I should wear?"

"You know it."


About half an hour later, I climbed out of my shower and pulled on the outfit Grey had helped me pick out. It consisted of a nice pair of khakis, a black tank top trimmed with lace (which really belonged to Grey), and a baby blue cable sweater over top. Then, slipping on a pair of black ballerina flats, I put on just a touch of makeup and grabbed my coat from its hanger.

Inspecting myself in the mirror, I decided that I actually looked nice. But would Aiden think so too?

I hoped so.

Wandering into my kitchen to pour myself a glass of water, my eyes fell upon the drawing Natalie had given me just a few days ago. I smiled and brushed my fingers across its surface and feeling the rough, waxy bumps of crayon curving across the sheet of paper. The idea of replicating this drawing for Natalie's Christmas present popped into my mind and I smiled. It was the perfect gift. Even though I didn't specialize in realistic art, I could still give it a try.

Then I remembered the untouched painting still sitting in my closet that I'd made a few days ago. What if I gave it to Aiden or his family for Christmas? Would they like it? Would they appreciate it as a piece of artwork or just admire it because it was made by me?

But then again, what else would I give them for Christmas when they'd already given me so much this year?

Were they expecting a gift? Were they planning on giving one to me?

Well, even if they weren't, I was still going go draw for Natalie.

Momentarily forgetting that Aiden was to arrive at any minute to take me out for dinner, I grabbed my sketchbook and a nice set of drawing pencils and curled up into a chair to draw. Using Natalie's picture as a reference, I began to roughly block out where the Christmas tree and each of the three people were. Then I fleshed out the tree as best I could, trying to remember the gigantic tree in the Marks' living room and occasionally glancing at the pathetic tree I had sitting in my own apartment for specific details.

I soon became so engrossed with the drawing that I didn't hear the doorbell ring until the fifth time. Dropping my art supplies onto the couch, I rushed over to open the door and greeted Aiden.

He grabbed my hand and gave me a quick peck on the lips before taking me out to that old familiar blue truck. The sky was just beginning to darken and the slightest flurries of snow were starting to fall, creating a perfect backdrop as we made our way to a small Italian restaurant just on the outskirts of town.

"I've never been here before." I mused, looking around at the tiny restaurant in fascination. Sure, it was small but it had that nice homey feeling that reminded me of Aiden and his family. I did find it odd, however, that there was a restaurant in this town that I'd never been to before.

"Well, it is in the middle of nowhere."

"I'm just surprised I'd never even heard of it before! I mean, this town's so small it's like a village. It's practically impossible to find a place that I've never been to before!"

"I guess you just need an outsider to point things out to you."

I laughed.

"An outsider? What are we in, some crappy western film?"

We were then seated by our waitress at a small two-person table in the middle of the restaurant. There weren't too many people with us, for it was just barely 5:30 and the dinner rush hadn't quite started yet, but it was a nice dinner nonetheless.

After we ate and Aiden paid for the meal, we sat around talking before getting back out into his truck. Not really knowing what to talk about, we indulged in the silly game of asking random questions back and forth to each other.

"Favorite color?"

"Oh no, every art major's least favorite question! Umm... of all the warm colors, I probably like orange the best, and out of all the cool colors, either blue or purple."

"That was more than one color."

"Okay, okay, so I cheated. Deal with it. So what's your major in college?"

Aiden pulled a face.

"Law. But it wasn't my choice – my parents talked me into it. Before my dad died, he told me that he wanted me to continue on with the family business. I wanted to be an architect but I did it out of respect for my old man."

"That's so sweet..." and then I asked the question before fully thinking about it, "How long ago did he.. you know..."

"Ten years. Then my mom married James four years later."

I nodded, taking into account how Aiden's sentences were short and to the point, not to mention the fact that he wasn't even looking me in the eye. It was hard to talk about family that wasn't there anymore. Now, my parents were not physically dead and buried, but they might as well have been for all I cared.

But seeing Aiden like this reminded me of those few months right after I'd left home, suffering in silence. So I placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and gave him a sympathizing look.

After all, words are so overrated.

And, even though our walk out to the parking lot was silent, it was the best part of the night. Because, as we walked off hand in hand, the start of a snowfall came down in small, white flurries that looked like a thousand stars against the dark backdrop of the night sky. The snow swirled around the two of us everywhere, coating us with small flakes, and didn't stop coming down all night.

In fact, if I had known better, I would have remembered that it was the start of a huge snowstorm we were supposed to have this Christmas Eve.

But, knowing me, I didn't remember.

I was too wrapped up in my own moment.

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